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Faculty Travel

The Center for Teaching Excellence has a limited travel budget to fund a small number of faculty each year to attend conferences that promote excellence in teaching.

CTE Travel Request Form

CTE Travel Reimbursement Form

The CTE Director has traditionally pinpointed conferences and announced these as opportunities for interested faculty. In addition, the CTE will consider proposals that arise from the interests of faculty members themselves. Special attention will be given to teams of individuals who wish to attend a conference together with the goal of building collaborative teaching and scholarship relationships. Because this funding is limited and is specifically linked to the CTE's mission of promoting excellence in teaching, faculty travel that is already funded through the VPAA's office will not be supported.

Any faculty member, department chair, or program director can identify a relevant conference and submit a proposal to receive CTE travel funds. The proposal should be submitted to the CTE Director via email or hard copy at least 4 weeks in advance of the conference.

All funding requests should include the following:

  • Conference dates and description (a link to the conference website would be adequate).
  • Estimated expenses (follow the PC guidelines for travel and per diem rates).
  • A brief description of the potential impact of the conference on teaching, pedagogy, and/or student learning.

Within 2 weeks after a funded conference/travel date, the faculty member is requested to submit all paperwork necessary for reimbursement along with a brief report summarizing the conference experience and its potential impact on teaching to the CTE Director, Dr. Laurie L. Grupp, at

Midsemester Assessment Program (MAPs)


1-assessments[1].gifOne of the Center's primary functions is to offer consultation to colleagues seeking advice and information on instructional concerns. As an enhancement to this function, the Center offers individual faculty members a midsemester assessment (MAPs). This is an opportunity to receive feedback on students' learning experiences during the middle of their course, when there is time to make adjustments or improvements.

The midsemester assessment is a three-step process involving the course instructor, students in the instructor's class, and a faculty colleague trained to act as a facilitator. The first step is a conference between the instructor and the facilitator, so that the instructor can learn more about the assessment process. The next step is to have the facilitator come to the class and carry out the assessment, which takes place during the first or last half hour of class.

The MAPs facilitator asks students to respond to three prompts:

  • What do you like most about this course and/or the instructor's teaching of it?
  • What about this course and/or the instructor's teaching of it needs change or improvement?
  • What suggestions can you offer that would help make this course a better learning experience for you?

The facilitator then conducts discussion with the students regarding their responses with the goal of arriving at consensus regarding feedback that will be provided to the course instructor. The third step is a conference between the instructor and the facilitator in which they discuss the students' comments and the instructor's reaction to them. If asked and if appropriate, at this point the facilitator may wish to offer suggestions about how the instructor can go about changes in accordance with student responses.

If you would like to request a midsemester assessment or learn more about getting trained to be a MAPs facilitator, please contact the CTE.

Catholic and Dominican

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