Students posing on Harkins Hall balcony with cap and gown

is a place for seekers.

Since 1917, PC has taken pride in being a Catholic and Dominican institution of higher education — one for those who seek truth, celebrate the relationship between faith and reason, and pursue these values in a loving, diverse, and inclusive community.

Here, we believe you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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tour guests walking on campus

You’re Welcome

Summer is the perfect time to visit campus. Schedule a tour today.

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dominican priest teaching class

Faculty Keep Learning

Boosted by grants and fellowships, professors are immersed in summer research and travel.

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map with maymester locations marked

Study Plus Travel

Faculty-led Maymester programs combined on-campus courses with travel to Italy, Puerto Rico, and South Korea.

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top scholars 2024

The 4.0 Trio

Three women were the top scholars in the class of 2024.

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Rev. Simon Teller, O.P.

Praise, Bless, Post

Meet Father Simon, a viral Instagrammer who will be PC’s new chaplain.

Erin Batth

Program Builder

Attendance at women’s home basketball games has doubled under head coach Erin Batth.

Jonathan Jackson, Ph.D.

Analytics Ace

Finance professor Jonathan Jackson directs PC’s graduate program in business analytics.


Seek Truth

In the Catholic and Dominican tradition, truth is not just a collection of unrelated propositions or disembodied ideas. It is an integrated way of life. We seek understanding not only for its own sake, but because we believe that the truth informs us about our place in the world and orients us towards that good life which all men and women desire.

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