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Study Abroad

​​​​The Department strongly encourages students to study abroad, and offers information on programs for summer, one semester, or academic year courses worldwide.

Departmental Study Abroad Academic Policy 

In order to ensure that courses taken abroad  meet the standards and fulfill the goals of the department's requirements for the major and minor, students planning to study French, German, Italian or Spanish abroad must select the particular program of study in consultation with the professors teaching that language; obtain the approval of those professors and of the department Chair before seeking administrative approval and enrolling in the program; select specific courses in consultation with those professors and communicate directly  with the academic advisor (for language majors) or department chair (for language minors) in the event of course changes or any other academic issues that may arise while abroad, and at the conclusion of the study abroad program present a portfolio of work completed abroad to the departmental advisor and Chair for evaluation.

Students will not be granted credit for language courses taken abroad at a repeated level. In all cases, only the most recent grade will be used to calculate the overall GPA. Students considering repeating a course should be aware that the most recent grade will be recorded whether or not it is higher than the earlier attempt. A repeated course is noted on the transcript with an "I" (included in the GPA) or an "E" (excluded from the GPA) to designate the relationship of the course to the student's academic record. When the student's academic transcript from the study abroad program is received by Providence College it will be forwarded to the department Chair for confirmation of course equivalency. 

In keeping with college policy, it is the responsibility of the student to maintain frequent contact with the departmental academic advisor and chair and  to verify the degree audit to ensure that  all information is accurate and that all requirements are met.

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