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Campus Parking

Link to: Campus Parking Map


Resident Student Parking Application Process:

Seniors and juniors register for a parking permit prior to the beginning of the school year.  Due to limited parking spaces, it is imperative that all applications for parking permits be completed promptly. 

Freshmen and sophomores are not allowed to have vehicles on campus.

Parking Application Process:

The Office of Safety & Security will start accepting online applications on April 25th. There are a limited number of parking spaces available and we unfortunately CANNOT GUARANTEE every applicant a parking space. ​ 

*PLEASE NOTE: You may only apply for a PC parking permit by way of an on-campus computer in one of the computer labs. (Koffler, Accinno, Albertus Magnus, or in the Library) All mandatory fields must be completed so that the application process can successfully proceed.  Print and retain the voucher (final page in application process) for your records.

IMPORTANT:  Returning students are to update their mailing address.  Permits will be mailed to your address in August, prior to the start of the academic school year

Permit order displaying a dorm and/or room number for a mailing address will not be delivered by the Post Office.

Any senior or junior who does not need to have a vehicle on campus during the fall semester, but will need a vehicle for an internship during the spring semester or going abroad, needs to apply.

Your sticker is non-transferable.  If you are planning to go abroad in the fall and will be returning in the spring, your sticker will be waiting for you.

For students who live off-campus or commute to class, you must live more than 1/2 a mile away from campus to qualify for a parking sticker. If you meet this requirement you must apply online*.   


Permits can only be purchased through the below link and will be mailed to you. 




Price for Parking Pass:

  • Full academic year Resident permits are $200.00.
  • Single semester permits are $100.00

Parking Stickers:

Once a sticker is obtained, it must be placed in the driver’s side of the windshield.  The sticker is not to be removed or transferred.  If a student returns to the campus with a different vehicle or new windshield, the old sticker must be removed in order to receive a new sticker.

All P/T Faculty, Grad Students, Grad Assistants, or School of Continuing Education Students are required to have a permit. (Will be on line application by the summer)

Parking Violation Tickets

Parking violations are classified as major or minor violations.   Both categories carry fines ranging from $10.00 to $50.00.


All fines must be paid within seven days of issue.  Fines can be mailed or paid by person in the Office of Safety & Security during the hours of 10:00 am to 4:00 pm , Monday through Friday. If you choose to dispute the violation, ticket disputes will be heard during the hours of 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm , Monday through Friday.

Snow Emergencies

Due to inclement weather, students and faculty/staff are advised to call the weather line at 865-1012 for information regarding school closings and class cancellations.  In the event of a snow emergency, vehicles need to be moved and students and faculty/staff must listen to the snow line instructions in order to know when plowing will be conducted in each parking lot. 


All illegally parked vehicles are subject to be towed.  Providence College is not responsible for damage to a vehicle during towing and storage.  Vehicles parked on campus-owned or on college owned property may be towed at the owner’s expense when:
  1. There are 3 or more outstanding violations.
  2. Vehicle is blocking the flow of traffic, causing a hazard.
  3. Vehicle is parked in a handicapped zone or fire lane.
  4. Vehicle is in violation of RI motor laws.
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