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David Zalewski


Contact Information:
Koffler Hall Koffler 201


Ph.D. - Economics Clark University

Area(s) of Expertise:

Economics and Financial History, Political Economy, Ethics and Social Justice

Selected Publications:

Zalewski, David. (2012). Collective Action Failures and Lenders of Last Resort: Lessons From the U.S. Foreclosure Crisis. Journal Of Economic Issues, Eds. Rick Adkisson. 46 (2), 333-341.

Zalewski, David. (2011). Too Important to Fail: A Reconsideration of the Lender of Last Resort Function. Journal Of Economic Issues, 45 (2), 373-379.

Zalewski, David. (2011). Teaching About Financial Crises: A Methodological Approach . International Journal of Pluralism and Economics Education, Eds. Jack Reardon. 2 (2), 170-180.

Zalewski, David. (2010). Securitization, Social Distance, and Financial Crises. Forum For Social Economics, Eds. John Marangos. ,

Zalewski, David. (2009). Review of The Marketplace of Christianity by Eklund, Tollison, and Hebert. Journal of Economic Issues. 63 (3), 822-823.

Recent Presentations:

Zalewski, David., Financial Education Association , FEA, Charleston, SC, "Finance in Context: Some Experiences and Observations From an Interdisciplinary Capstone Course". September, 2012.

Zalewski, David., ICAPE Conference, ICAPE, University of Massachuseets, Amherst, "Ethical Reform of Finance: Some Observations From Social Economics". November, 2011.

Zalewski, David., , Charles Clark., Dear Brothers and Sisters: Celebrating 120 Years Since Rerum Novarum, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, Indiana, "Finance and Catholic Social Thought". March, 2011.

Zalewski, David., Association for Institutionalist Thought, Denver, Colorado, "The Subprime Mortgage Crisis: A Minskian Perspective". April, 2008.

Zalewski, David., Association for Evolutionary Economics,

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