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Century of Women Image and Popular Culture
Century of Women Sexuality & Social Injustice
Century of Women Work & Family
The Story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony
ABC News 20/20  Gentle Boys
Mickey Mouse Monopoly (VHS & DVD)
The Date Rape Backlash
Birth Stories
The Brandon Teena Story
The Burning Times
Full Circle
Goddess Remembered
The Global Banquet
Dreamworlds II
Dying to be Thin
Veteran Feminist of America
Gentle Birth Choices
He Said, She Said
Growing up Gay and Lesbian
Hermaphrodites Speak!
Is it a Boy or a Girl?
Makiko's New World
Mary Magdalen
The Meaning of Health
Shrek (DVD)
Midwives of a Living Tradition
Multiple Genders mind and body in conflict
My Feminism
Margery Kempa
Douceline de Dinge
Visions of Phrophecy, Voices of Power
Killing us Softly
Quest, Bali:  The Dance of Life
Ladies First:  Women in Music Videos
Period Piece
Our Stories
Radiant Life
Regret to Inform
The Remarkable Story of John/Joan
Seneca Reflections
Shortchanging Girls, Shortchanging America
Slim Hopes
Sports and Society (Program 6)
Sports and Society (Program 17)
Superstar The Karen Carpenter Story
Toward Intimacy:  Women with Disabilities
A Hero for Daisy (Title IX)
Barbie Nation
Women Being
Women Word for Word
Women Using Plastic Surgery to Look Like Barbie
Women's Work
You Don't Know Dick
Vagina Monologues
Bell Hooks
Tough Guise
Behind the Veil:  Nuns
Princess Diaries (DVD)
Myths that Maim
Slim Hopes
Sandra Cisneros
Not For Ourselves, Alone Part 2
The Media and the Denial of Rape
History of Sex (The Eastern World)
History of Sex (From Don Juan to Queen Victoria)
History of Sex (Middle Ages)
History of Sex (Ancient Civilizations)
Birth and Belief in the Andes
Gender and Community
Maxine Hong Kingston
One Hundred Eggs a Minute
Science for Survival
Gone With the Wind
The Little Mermaid
Reviving Ophelia
Chain of Love
Playing Unfair - DVD
Women of the Wall
Motherhood- Tales of Wonder
Secret of Photo 51
White Oleander
Performing the Border
Women of Latin America: To be a Mother in Latin America
Sex and the City
Whale Rider
Step by Step:  Building a Feminist Movement, 1941-
Mystic Women Part II
Stella Dallas (DVD)
Handmaid's Tale
Look Who's Talking
A Doll's House
Mean Girls (DVD)
Christopher Strong
For the Living
The Lost Children of Berlin
The Longest Hatred
America and the Holocaust
We Were There
The Holocaust
The World at War
One Survivor Remembers
Beah:  A Black Woman Speaks
The Piano
All That Heaven Allows
La Operacion
Sisters or the Balance of Happiness
Rio Bravo
Rosie the Riveter
Prison Stories:  Women on the Inside
In Search of History  Hitler and the Occult
Real Women Have Curves
Wedding Advice:  Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace
A Litany for Survival
Participatory Economics
Taking Down Fences, Imagining An Alternative & Responding to Crisis
I Read About My Death in Vogue Magazine
Writing About Revolution
IRAN Veiled Appearances
Zora is My Name
A Question of Color
The Songs Are Free
Spirit to Spirit:  Nikki Giovanni
Building the Gherkin
Reel Bad Arabs
Feminism:  controversies, challenges, actions
The Shape of Water
Spin the Bottle
Dreamworlds 3
Defending Our Lives
Judith Butler - Philosophical Encounters of the Third Kind
Standing on My Sisters' Shoulders
I Sit Here Ironing
Taking the Heat
Bachelor Mother
Born in the USA
Michael Kimmel:  On Gender
Sisters of Selma
Hip Hop:  Beyond Beats & Rhymes
Iron Jawed Angels
Puerto Rico:  Paradise Invaded
Suzanne Suzanne
Finding Christa
Killing Us Softly 4
Red Moon
The Education of Shelby Knox
Searching for Debra Winger
Young Victoria
Bread & Roses
Bend it Like Beckham
Rabbit-Proof Fences
Born into Brothels
Maid in American
Maybe Baby
Generation M:  Misogyny in Media and Culture
Don't Call Me a Saint
Thelma and Louise
The Good Mother
Sisters of '77
Power and Control:  Domestic Violence in America
Sperm Donor X:  The New Conception
Step Sisters
Raging Grannies
Cover Girl Culture
The Double Burden:  Three Generations of Working Mothers
Architecture of Doom
!Women Art Revolution
Beyond Disability
Sin by Silence
The Bro Code
Half the Sky
Miss Representation
Happily Ever After
Absolutely Safe
Never Perfect
Puzzles: When Hate Comes to Town
In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee
Living Thinkers:  An Autobiography of Black Women in the Ivory Tower
Period:  The End of Menstruation
A Girl Like Her
Catholic and Dominican

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