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​​​Spring 2018 Registration

Registration is open to all Freshmen, Sophomores, transfers and students returning from leave of absence on a first-come first-served basis. Students with special circumstances should clarify their status with their Dean before registration. These precedures are the same to register for DWC 102 and for Colloquia (DWC 202). 

​DWC Lectures and Associated Seminars

During registration, faculty associated with DWC courses will not be visible. Please choose the lecture and seminar that best fits your schedule. A chart of lectures and associated seminars may be found h​ere. Note that there are three seminars at each available time. ​

​​DWC Colloquia

Students will be accepted into Colloquia on a first come first served basis. Be sure to have identified at least six possible Colloquia before registration begins that are workable. Students are not guaranteed acceptance into any specific Colloquim. Students may choose to be placed on the waitlist for a course, but we reccomend that all students be registered for a course by December 1st. 

A complete list and descriptions of the Colloquia can be found here​

Course Changes after Registration

​After registration, students are free to make course adjustments and transfer into any course that has open seats. Students who believe they need to over-enroll must fill out this fo​r​m​​ completely.  Please note that these requests will only be considered under certain circumstances.  The Director of Western Civilization Program has the right to refuse any and all requests if the request does not meet the required criteria.

Accepted reasons for course changes:

  1. The student's courses have changed to accomodate a course required for their major, that they must take this particular semester (a note from the student's advisor is required).

  2. Changes in athletic practice or competition schedule (a note from the coach or athletic director is required).

  3. Changes in academic status (premission from the Dean is required).

  4. Other special circumstances affecting a student (documentation may be required).

Non-accepted reasons for course changes:

  1. The course is scheduled too early in the morning.

  2. The course is scheduled too late in the day.

  3. The student prefers another professor.

  4. The days the course is scheduled are not desirable.

The Course Change Request Form needs to be submitted in person to the DWC office, Ruane 237.


Q. What should I do if I was not able to register during pre-registration?

A. If you did not register during pre-registration (for example, you had a hold on your account), you should register for a course during general registration. At the end of general registration, you should either be in a course, or on a waitlist.

Q. What should I do if I would prefer to be in a different course?

A. If the course you want to transfer into has open seats, you must drop​ your current course and add the new course. If there are no open seats, you may drop your current course and be added to the waitlist​, but we recommend you not move to a waitlist with more than 2.  

Q. Can I be over-enrolled into a course I prefer?

A. See above, Course Changes after Registration.

Any Further Questions:

Please stop by the DWC office, Ruane 237, or email ​​​