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Nicole Toscano '16

​​​​​Social Work and Health Policy and Management double major

"Civ showed me how the historical events affect the literature written, which then can affect political views and ways of life. This, along with the material that was chosen, gave me the chance to make connections to everyday life, and helped to explain the historical context behind what we do. It truly makes you feel cultured and informed."

How did your faculty team made the experience interesting?

I absolutely loved my Civ team. They made it so much fun to learn and balanced the amount of material we needed to get through, with their own personal opinions. When Dr. Morgan lectured about St. Benedict and the Benedictine movement, he went through the historical and theological perspectives of the time, but he also showed us pictures of a monastery he went to when he was teaching elsewhere and talked about his experiences.

What were your thoughts before taking Civ and how have they changed?

Before taking Civ,​ I was really nervous. Although I wouldn’t say that I didn’t like history, I have never really enjoyed it, which made the thought of taking Civ even more nerve-wracking. However, now that I have taken Civ, I can say with certainty that I have really enjoyed it. My Civ team had the ability to bring historical information that could be seen as irrelevant, and connect the material to our current events.

If you could tell an incoming freshman anything about Civ, what would you say?

I would tell freshman that Civ prepares you with information that you didn’t even realize you needed. Civ allows for the chance to read some of the most influential and utilized materials written, and learn the historical background behind those works of literature, while also discovering the connection to how it shaped the way our Western society functions to this day.