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Preparing for DWC 202 Colloquium Registration

​​​All sophomores currently enrolled in DWC 201 will be taking a DWC 202 colloquium in Spring 2014. The process of selecting and registering for the DWC 202 colloquia will take place during  October and will be completed by the end of October, well before regular sophomore registration for Spring 2014 classes in November. Pay close attention to the following information—the success of the registration process depends on all of you having thought carefully about your colloquium choices and being fully aware of how the registration process will work.

1. The colloquium choice: The DWC 202 colloquia are team-taught by two professors, focusing on a contemporary theme or issue with direct connections to the first three semesters of DWC. There are twenty-five colloquia being offered for Spring 2014, providing each of you with a wide range of interesting options. The colloquium faculty are a truly interdisciplinary group, coming from nineteen different departments and programs. Each of you has received a document via email attachment that includes complete information about each colloquium offering, including title, faculty, meeting times, and full description. Familiarize yourselves with these options fully. All of this information can also be found at

2. Preparing to choose your colloquium: The first and most important criterion for selecting your colloquium, of course, is your own interests. Each of you should be able to find a number of colloquia that intersect with your interests, your major, your future plans, and other relevant factors. 

You should also pay close attention to the times at which each colloquium meets. The twenty-five offerings are spread across the times of day and days of the week. The schedule for all Spring 2014 courses will be viewable on Cyberfriar on Friday, September 27. Check this schedule as you consider your colloquium choices, and be sure to touch base with your advisor before you select your preferences. Do not select a colloquium whose times conflict with a course in your major that you must take in the spring.

3. Colloquium registration process: In order to make sure that the colloquium registration process is as problem-free, fair, and smooth as possible, the process of getting each of you placed in a colloquium will take place well before the regular sophomore registration day on Wednesday, November 11/13.

a. During the first week of October you will be receiving a survey via email that you will use to express your colloquium preferences. You will have a few days within which to complete the survey. The target dates at the moment are for the survey to be active from October 1 through October 6.

b. On the survey you will be asked to identify your top ten colloquium choices in order of preference, with “1” your most preferred, “2” second most preferred, and so on. The goal, of course, is for each of you to be placed in one of your preferences (although this is not guaranteed). We need at least ten preferences, since the enrollment in each colloquium will be capped at thirty. Take your time in making your choices and submitting the survey—this is not “first come, first served.” No decisions will be made about any colloquium rosters until the deadline for survey submission has passed. Be sure you submit by the deadline—any student who does not submit the survey will be placed in a colloquium by Enrollment Services on the basis of seat availability

c. Once the deadline has passed, Enrollment Services will begin the process of placing students in the colloquia on the basis of survey results. Our hope is that all sophomores will be placed in their Spring 2014 colloquium well before the end of October.

4. The rest of your schedule: The primary purpose of having the colloquium registration process occur well before the regular registration day is to ensure that each of you have your colloquium in place as you plan the rest of your courses for Spring 2014. Plan to build your Spring 2014 class schedule around your colloquium schedule. Once you have been registered in your colloquium, it will be very difficult to change to a different colloquium—I will not overenroll any colloquium section for any reason. This is why you should confer with your advisor before the colloquium registration process begins and why you should not express preference for any colloquium whose times conflict with a required course in your major that you must take in Spring 2014.

Finally, I will be holding two Question and Answer sessions about the colloquium selection and registration process over the next couple of weeks, one on Wednesday, September 25 in Moore Hall III from 6:30-7:30 and one on Monday, September 30 in Moore Hall II from 6:30-7:30. 

Be looking for the colloquium preference survey in your email around October 1. Between then and now, spend time looking at and considering the various colloquia being offered so that you will be ready to express informed preferences when the time comes.