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Allie Joel '16​

​​​​​​Health Policy and Management major

"Seminar gave me a chance to open up and participate in really engaging discussions, which was never something I was used to doing. I think that Civ brought out the best in me as a student."

What was your favorite part of Civ?

Getting a chance to discover new aspects of history that I never knew before. It opened my eyes to our past and civilization in a way that I had never explored. 

How did your professors make the Civ experience more interesting?

Dr. Morgan made my Civ experience exceptionally interesting during seminar when he opened each class with a question to focus on throughout the class. This question had endless answers, and it was not even something that he could answer himself. We would then spend the class coming up with possible solutions to the question using the text that we had studied that week. Toward the end of the year, he left it up to us to come up with our own questions.

What would you tell a freshman Civ student?

I would tell them that veryone has a different experience and that they should give it a chance, just like all their other courses. I would also advise them to take advantage of seminar time. It is a chance to break out into smaller groups and go over the texts and discuss and analyze them more thoroughly. ​