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Providence College Web Services Team
Martin Hall, Offices 214 and 302
Phone: (401) 865-2980
Fax: (401) 865-1220

Curricular Server is a bare-bones web server, provided as an alternative for faculty who need space to house simple, html-based content with a focus on either Providence College-related research, projects or related web-based student projects but do not need a CMS or additional support. To access this server, faculty members must submit a request form that will be evaluated by the Web Services team. The following policies/rules are in place on this server.

  1. This server is an alternative web server supporting the needs of faculty who wish to display bare-bones, html-based web content outside of the college's CMS. It is to be used for web content of a curricular nature that supports their work at Providence College- not for personal or business purposes.
  2. Access is by request only and subject to review by Web Services.
  3. Space on this server is allocated to individual faculty members only. It is not intended for departmental or committee efforts.
  4. Accounts have a defined storage space limit of 100mb per user. Requests for more storage space are handled on a case-by-case basis and are subject to Web Services review and approval.
  5. Account holders must complete Information Security Compliance Training, available online through before they will be given access to their account.
  6. This server is not backed up. Users are solely responsible for backing up their own content.
  7. Accounts on this server will be revoked and content deleted upon the termination of employment with PC- whether it be voluntary, involuntary or retirement. No exceptions. Account Holders who want to keep their content must make their own plans to move or backup their content.
  8. Any student work displayed on this site must have a supporting release form. No exceptions. Account holders are responsible for acquiring and storing these forms.
  9. Accounts on will be periodically reviewed and consistently monitored using manual and automated methods for PCI compliance, content of a personal nature and content not in keeping with the mission of Providence College. Content found to contain PCI data, or a personal nature or is not in keeping with the mission of Providence College will be removed and the Account Holders access may be revoked or suspended at Web Services discretion.
  10. Technical support on this server is limited to username & password retrieval ONLY.
  11. Access to the service in general may be revoked or suspended at any time at the sole discretion of Web Services. Technology is ever changing and as it does, the services we provide will adapt along with it.

Any questions regarding the use of this service can be addressed to Web Services- .

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