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Projects & Support Requests

Web Services works on a queue system - when your project is submitted, it is evaluated, prioritized and if approved is entered into our project management workflow. To get the process started, please use ServiceNow.​

Providence College Web Services Team
Martin Hall, Offices 214, 302 & Tower room
Phone: (401) 865-2980
Fax: (401) 865-1220

Blog Server is the blogging en​vironment for Providence College. The system utilizes WordPress, possibly the best blogging software available.

Blogging, when it is done right, is an amazing way to engage with an audience (potentially worldwide!), disseminate information and draw people to your programs. When done improperly, it can actually disengage and alienate your audience. You need to think long and hard before you undertake editing a blog!

This server is for high-profile blogs that closely pair with the strategic plan and institutional goals. Blogs housed in this environment are strictly monitored to ensure a professional appearance, timeliness of posting and Providence College mission-appropriateness. Due to our strategic use for this server, requests for a blogging account are thoroughly reviewed before we begin the process to create a new blog.

Questions to ask yourself before submitting a request for a blog.

1. Who is my audience?
Who do you intend to view and benefit from the information you post on your blog?

2. What is the strategic use for my blog?
We will not approve a new blog just for blogging's sake. You need to think upon long and hard about how you will use this system, what it should do for your program and long-term, how you will maintain it.

3. What goals do you want to achieve with your blog?
What problems for your program will having a blog solve? What are the advantages to having a blog over having a simple web page?

4. Who will keep your content up to date?
Timeliness is crucial with running a successful blog. If you stop posting for a length of time, your audience will disengage and you will lose them.


1. Timeliness of posting: You must post at a minimum of once per week, preferably more often. We periodically review blogs hosted on If we find a blog has been abandoned (postings consistently less often than once a week or even less often) we will contact the site editor and discuss the blog in question. If we find that there are no plans to continue or breathe life back into the blog, it will be permanently taken down.

2. Design: All blogs on are designed by the Web Services team. We will work with you to craft a professional, visually appealing blogging environment. All blogs on will have at a minimum some Providence College branding that conforms to the minimal site template as indicated in our visual styleguide.

3. Launch: Blogs will launch (be available for viewing by the general web audience) on a predesignated date, and only after all requirements have been met. We will not launch a blog that is unfinished. Nothing starts things on the wrong foot worse than having either a blog that is unfinished design-wise, or contains no content.


1. User Profile Icon: You must have an icon associated with your WordPress profile, as it will be displayed in the WordPress member list. We can take care of this for you by generating a Gravatar​ profile linked to your email address (which is how your WordPress account at will be created). Please let us know whether you'd like your directory photo to be used, or if you have another photo you'd like to use instead. 

2. Full Name: Your username will be your first and last name with no spaces. Your name will appear in the member list as first and last name as well.

3. Initial blog post: Prior to starting any blog, we need an initial blog post in advance. This shows that the blogger is committed to the blog and also starts them off on the right foot with some content.

4. Short bio: We will need a short bio of each of the contributors of the blog.

5. Training: You must undergo one-on-one blog training, in-person, prior to the launch of the blog. Plan on at least two hours of training time.

Note: There may be other requirements needed before your blog launches. These will be determined after the initial meeting about your blog and will be clearly outlined to you. We are unable to start designing any blogs without the complete required items.

To get the process started, please use the ServiceNow system. Once your request has been received, it will be evaluated to determine acceptance, timeframe and resources the required to accomplish associated tasks. You will be contacted within 3-5 business days by our team. If your request has been approved, you will be given access to our project management site (for larger projects) and an indication as to when you can expect your request to be started and finished.

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