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‚ÄčJenn Shurkus

Who is Jenn Shurkus?

In addition to working at Providence College, I'm a creative instructor, designer and artist, working with paint and paper mediums. I have a blog where I discuss my creations, classes and projects. I grew up in New Hampshire, and now live on the Cape.

What is your role?

I am the Web Designer, and help faculty and staff with their web editing needs, including site design, graphic design, SharePoint training and callouts. I'm also responsible for leading the WordPress blog initiative for the College, which means working with departments, organizations and groups to help them share information and engage their target audience through blogging.


If you weren't working at Providence College, what would you be doing?

I would be in my studio with paint under my nails and paper cuts on my hands. 

Who are a few of your favorite people to follow on Twitter?

I like to keep up with a few crafty people: @moxiefabworld. I like to follow some techie Mac news: @macrumors. I like to keep in touch with my home state: @WMUR9. And some really good highered info usually comes from this guy, or is retweeted by him: @mikepetroff.

What are a few of your Likes?

Summer, the ocean, flipflops (do you see a trend?), typography, all things Apple and artichokes.

What are a few of your Dislikes?

Winter, shoes (still following that trend), early mornings, poor design, BlackBerry and friends who live far away.

What is your Contact Information?

Email: Twitter: @jennshurkus. Phone: (401) 865-2980

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