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Dan Demmons

Who is Dan Demmons?

Dan is the Director of Web Design, Architecture and Services. Dan has served in multiple roles at PC in his six years on board- Assistant Director for Online Communications in IA, Web Developer in IT, and now in his current position. Before PC, Dan worked at Keene State College for sixteen years helping to direct their auxiliary services division, which included campus computer sales/service, the bookstore, mail services and their convenience store. Other roles in his sordid career include working for Target, Bose and driving nuclear attack submarines back during the cold war!

What is your role?

My role is Director of Web Services which puts me in charge of Providence College's web design and development team. I lead the charge to get PC to use the cutting edge of what is hot and new on the web using it to promote all the things that make Providence College an amazing place to study, play, work and worship. My department has a unique opportunity- we touch EVERY department on campus in one way or another and my goal is to foster creativity and collaboration among them. I love implementing technology that actually helps someone do their job, makes their life easier or highlights a "hidden gem".


If you weren't working at Providence College, what would you be doing?

Higher Ed and Web Design/Development is my passion- it’s what I do well and enjoy doing. If I wasn't at PC, I'd probably be at another Higher Ed institution, working the web for them. I'm also a closet digital artist so maybe that might have been an option as well?

Who are a few of your favorite people to follow on Twitter?

Other than my team? @wilw (Wil Wheaton, Minister of Geek Affairs), @thinkgeek and @mashable. I also follow a slew of comedians- always great to have a funny one-liner show up in my twitter feed!

What are a few of your Likes?

I love my family. I find myself missing my two sons (Jack 11, and Greyson 7) off and on throughout the work day. I love the Lord of the Rings , video games (yep, I'm a geek), the ocean and technology in general. I also really like good barbecued food.

What are a few of your Dislikes?

Onions. I hate onions. They are my kryptonite. Can't stand them. Yuck. I also don't like bad breath. I always have a big bowl of mints around- doing my duty to try and stomp out bad breath everywhere! Did I mention I don't like onions?

What is your Contact Information?

I can be reached most easily via email at, or phone at 401-865-1755. Also during working hours I'm on OCS (Office Communication System- drop me a line via email if you aren't using the system and want to!). I'm also on Twitter at @ddemmons.

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