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Van Program

black-mini-1.jpgThe Transportation Office offers the services of the Van Program that provides students, faculty, and on-campus departments the opportunity to reserve a van to access off-campus events/locations for approved academic and college sponsored programs. There are currently three 12 person vans and eight 7 person minivans to support outside classroom learning opportunities and co-curricular programs.

Below are some key points to keep in review before submitting a van request:

  • Requests should be made in conjunction with an authorized driver.
  • It is the trip coordinator's responsibility to find an authorized driver for the trip.
  • It is the responsibility of the club or organization that uses the van to refuel it prior to returning to campus.
  • If the trip is over 150 miles roundtrip, a backup driver will be necessary.
  • Trips more than 200 miles one way will not be authorized.
  • The vans are intended for one day trips, however overnight trips may be approved with special permission if a faculty/advisor/coach will be in attendance and the necessary drivers are available for the duration of the trip.
  • Each request will be reviewed individually.
  • Reservation requests must be submitted as far in advance as possible as vans are not guaranteed and you will need time for alternate arrangements if the van is not available.
  • The deadline for submitting requests is no later than one week (7 days minimum) prior to departure.
  • Block bookings must be submitted for special approval. 
  • Reservations that are not used more than twice in one month will have future reservations cancelled. The group will be required to submit their requests on a week by week basis and be subject to being placed at the bottom of the reservation priority.
  • After paperwork is submitted to the legal office, driver approvals may take up to 5 days. Drivers are not approved until confirmation is sent by the transportation coordinator.
  • We will not be able to accommodate late requests or walk-ins.
  • In the case of a snow storm or inclement weather when the college is closed, all van reservations will be cancelled for the day(s) until school has reopened.


Weekday Afternoon Service Shuttle

Based on the shuttle request and time, it will be determined whether your request will be approved for usage of a van or your group may be assigned to the afternoon community service shuttle which operates from 2pm to 6pm Monday through Friday.  This shuttle typically operates within a 7-mile radius of the campus and students requesting a ride further then the 7-mile limit will be asked to utilize a van or minivan for their trip.  You will be notified of this through your confirmation email. Please note on your request, the time you will need to arrive to your destination.

Van Reservation Form

The first step in requesting a van is to fill out the van reservation form.
A confirmation email will be sent to you and your advisor once the reservation has been approved by the transportation coordinator within forty-eight hours of your departure date.


Full Size Van:
Any prospective driver wishing to become authorized to drive a 12 person van must be 21 years of age, complete all three required forms (see below), as well as complete the driver training video and quiz.
Mini Van:
Any prospective driver wishing to become authorized to drive a 7 person minivan must be 18 years of age and complete forms A and B (see below), van training video and quiz.
Driver authorization will be handled through the Office of Risk Management. After filling out the forms, prospective drivers must bring each of the forms, along with a valid driver's license, to the Office of Risk Management, Harkins Hall, Room 201.
Only authorized drivers listed on the reservation form will be allowed to sign out the vans from the Office of Safety and Security on the day of departure. Vehicles MUST be returned no later than midnight, unless prior authorization is given.
Vehicle keys, GPS, and log book will be signed out and returned to the Office of Safety and Security by the authorized driver upon returning from their trip. 

Required Forms:

Questions for Transportation Quiz 2014.docxQuestions for Transportation Quiz 2014.docx2013-2014 Transportation Binder.docx2013-2014 Transportation Binder.docx

Van Training Video



Please read binder before watching the video and taking the quiz.


Phone: 401-865-2940

Monday-Friday: 11:00am - 6:00pm

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