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​​​​​​​​Teaching Award Recipient, 2015-16

Dr. Julia Jordan-Zachery

Public and Community Service Studies and Program Director for Black Studies​​

“My primary goal as a teacher is to encourage s​​tudents to become critical consumers of knowledge. To this end, I ask students to engage in reasoned inquiry and self-reflection regarding t​he various values, beliefs, attitudes, and habits that define the nature and quality of life for minoritized individuals. In an attempt to promote and foster such thinking, I devote class time to discussing the theoretical as well as the real world implications of various arguments and the way they engage with each other along with previously discussed issues.​​

The key to learning is an environment that is a safe and respectful. In many of my classes, students find themselves introduced to ways of think​ing that at times challenges their world-view. Consequently, it is important ​​for me to set the stage by asking them how as a society we produce knowledge about minoritized and often subordinated populations. Once we have had a conversation on the production of knowledge, I find that as a collective we can then engage in critical thinking, developing communication skills, and ultimately engage in active learning.​”

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Jordan-Zachery on this prestigious honor.