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Interdisciplinary Faculty Seminar 2018: Time



2018 Time Seminar Participants:


Jennifer Illuzzi (Seminar Coordinator), History
The Timelessness of the "Gypsy": The Roman Catholic Church and Romani in Italy, 1860-1970

Joseph Cosgrove, Philosophy
Time and Spacetime: The Theory of Time in Contemporary Theoretical Physics

Paul Herron, Political Science
The Temporal Construction of Southern Politics

Christopher Lyddy, Management
Being Present While Doing: Exploring the Heart of Contemplative Management

Susan Skawinski, Elementary/Special Education
Considering Historical and Cultural Impacts on the Development of Multicultural Children’s and Adolescents’ Literature

​​​​Victoria Templer, Pyschology
Memory: The Neural and Cognitive Anchor to the Human and Nonhuman Experience of Time.



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