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Ovarian cancer remains one of the most aggressive types of cancer in women. While the molecular mechanisms of the invasiveness of ovarian cancer have been extensively studied, the treatments for ovarian cancer are still limited. Understanding the metabolism of ovarian cancer cells has been of great interest to many scientists. Cancer cells express higher consumption rate of glucose which results in accumulation of lactate even in an oxygenized environment. This alteration in metabolism is known as the Warburg effect and is necessary for the growth and survival of cancer cells. Pyruvate kinase M2 or PKM2 has been shown to be a regulator enzyme responsible for the conversion of PEP to pyruvate. Recent studies have demonstrated that PKM2 is over-expressed in tumor cells. However, its functions are yet to be elucidated. In this project, we investigated the effects of glucose deprivation on ovarian cancer cells (CaOV3 cell line). The results showed that reduction of glucose supply in culture medium affects cells morphologically and metabolically. MTT assay data showed that glucose alters cellular proliferation in a dose dependent manner. Lower glucose supply results in alkalinization of culture medium. Seahorse data indicated that glucose deprivation reduces oxygen consumption rate of ovarian cancer cells. Western blot analysis and confocal microscopy demonstrated that PKM2 expression is altered in the cytoplasm in response to glucose deprivation. PKM2 level starts to decrease 30min post 1 mM glucose treatment, reaches to the lowest at 1 hour, and recovers within 2 hours. Collectively, our data suggest that PMK2 may be a molecular target for ovarian cancer treatment and glucose deprivation may be a potential approach for modulation of PKM2.  
Novel discovery
UV radiation and oxidative stress have been shown to be related to skin aging and skin cancer. Our previous studies have demonstrated that UV radiation induces generation of reactive oxygen species that leads to MAP kinase activation and MMP expression with a result of collagen reduction in cultured human skin keratinocytes in vitro and in human skin in vivo. We have also found that UV radiation and oxidative stress induces dehydration in human skin cells. Existing data have indicated that oxidative stress may alter cellular metabolism. We hypothesized that UV radiation and oxidative stress may also change metabolism in skin cells. Here we examined the effects of UV radiation and hydrogen peroxide on the metabolism of cultured human skin keratinocytes (HaCat cells). Western blot analysis showed that UV radiation inactivates PKM2 in keratinocytes in a time dependent manner. Seahorse data showed that UV radiation and H2O2 treatments decrease oxygen consumption rate (OCR) in HaCat cells. mTOR inhibitor Rapamycin increases oxygen consumption in both untreated and H2O2 treated cells. However, ERK inhibitor U0126 increases OCR in untreated cells, but decreases in H2O2-treated cells. PKM2 activator DASA increases OCR in untreated cells but decreases OCR in H2O2 treated cells.  Given that H2O2 is a recognized inhibitor of PKM2, we conclude that inhibition of PKM2 by UV radiation and oxidative stress may directly affect oxygen consumption and glycolysis in human skin cells.
novel discovery
At the conclusion of her MKT 310 course, Julia completed a mock sell assignment where she planned for and executed a business-to-business sales call.  She played the role of UPS salesperson and an actual salesperson (from TechTarget, a sales organization actively recruiting for sales positions) acted as buyer.
Julia did an outstanding job.  As she will detail in her presentation, her preparation for the call consisted of a pre-call planning packet that she presented from during her call; it was professional, polished and emphasized key points of differentiation.  This packet set up a call that was incredibly effective; she was prepared, poised and fielded questions and buyer objections with great skill.  Her call and project were not only successful in terms of earning a top grade, Julia also greatly impressed her buyer who further recommended her for a position at TechTarget (a company with whom she had also been separately interviewing). 
DePalmaJulia2015Ronald JelinekMarketing
Gordon, Cassandra, "Eva Peron: Stripping Away the Myths."
Professor Thomas Grzebien
Gordon: Eva Peron: Stripping Away the Myths: "The life of Eva Duarte Peron, an Argentine woman who was a cultural, social, and political trailblazer in the 1940s and early 1950s, has all the trappings of a real-life tragic fairy tale.  Illegitimate and impoverished as a child, she assiduously worked to create a persona and single-mindedly pursued opportunities that ultimately propelled her to a position of national and international prominence as First Lady of Argentina at the age of twenty-six.  She remains an enduring, controversial iconic historical figure in Argentina, despite her untimely death from uterine cancer in 1952 at the age of thirty-three."
Excellent work and presentation of capacity to research and write.
GordonCassandra2015Orique, O.P.Rev. David ThomasHistory
This thesis will argue that the apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe did indeed take place as traditionally believed, and that the miraculous image provides proof that Christianity was absorbed into the culture of the indigenous people of Central Mexico.  While there are some cases in which Christianity was forced on the indigenous people by the Spaniards, or where the traditional indigenous religious practices continued under the guise of Christianity, there is considerable evidence that many among the indigenous did internalize and understand the Christian faith.  Thus, genuine conversions did occur.  I will examine evidence from the chronicles of the Franciscans and other historians of New Spain that mention evidence of an indigenous devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe prior to European recognition of the devotion, as well as historical accounts that show the interpretation of Christianity into indigenous iconography and cultural traditions.
Well researched, argued, and written.
PellThomas2015Orique, O.P.Rev. David ThomasHistory
A graph is a set of vertices along with a set of pairs of vertices called edges.  Graph domination involves choosing vertices in the graph to dominate their neighbors. A graph is totally dominated when every regular vertex is dominated by a dominating vertex, or a combination of dominating vertices. We looked at the ratio of dominating vertices to total vertices necessary to dominate a grid of size n by n and show that the limit as n approaches infinity is less than 0.13. Additionally, we considered the methods used to find these results and refined them further.
This is original research that Nick conducted using both his mathematical knowledge and computer programming skills. His result is a contribution to the information available about an area of graph theory that has been little researched. It is also a topic in mathematics that is easily explained to non-mathematicians, so it would be very appropriate for a forum like this.
von HeinNicholas2015BoosLynetteMathematics and Computer Science
Fr. Ken Gumbert
A love story in reverse, Retroverse is a short film that was originally produced for Providence College's Film Production class. It stars Hayley McGuirl ‘15 and Nick Hamilton ’15 and was written, directed, shot and edited by Neal Mercier ’15. Retroverse was shot over the course of six months and features more than ten different locations scattered throughout Providence, Rhode Island.
Neal's film is exceptionally well done and would be a great example of the quality of work our film students are capable of producing.
What truly motivates the United States to remain involved in Colombia? To provide Colombia with so much aid? By examining US relations with Colombia since the establishment of FARC in 1964, I plan to uncover the ulterior motives of the United States' persistent involvement, which I believe are its own economic interests. As the smokescreen from which the US operates behind changes from the War on Communism, the War on Drugs, and the War on Terror, I argue that this economic interest remains the same, and this is what keeps the United States so involved.
Excellent project: well conceived and written. Raises important and new questions about the US's involvement in the war on drugs, communism, and terrorism.
ToweLeah2015Orique, O.P.Rev. David ThomasHistory
 Bailey, Andrew UG-2016, Major: MKT Student
Caban, Elaine UG-2016, Major: MKT Student
Ford, Patrick UG-2016, Major: MKT Student
Furman, Zachary UG-2015, Major: MKT Student
Gegler, Margaret UG-2016, Major: MKT Student
Harris, Alexis UG-2015, Major: MKT Student
James, Moira UG-2015, Major: MKT Student
Jenkins, Elizabeth UG-2015, Major: MKT Student
Kages, Kathleen UG-2016, Major: MKT, Minor: FIN Student
Letourneau, Janet Adjunct Faculty Instructor
Mahoney, Matthew UG-2015, Major: MKT Student
Murphy, Michael UG-2016, Major: MKT Student
Nangle, Bernard UG-2015, Major: MKT Student
Nudd, Bianca UG-2016, Major: MKT Student
O'Neill, Audrey UG-2016, Major: MKT, Minor: FIN, Other: LAH Student
Schick, Elizabeth UG-2016, Major: MKT Student
Skea, Ryan UG-2014, Major: GEN, Other: BUS Student
Toro Perdomo, Mariana UG-2016, Major: MKT Student
Vail, Sarah UG-2015, Major: MKT Student
Wagner, Samantha UG-2016, Major: MKT Student
White, Jennifer UG-2016, Major: MKT, Minor: FIN Student

This section of Promotional Strategies was asked to do a complete promotional strategy for St. Luke Catholic grammar school, with the objectives to retain current students and increase enrollment.  This class was divided into teams covering advertising, direct response, digital media, sales promotion and publicity.  In addition, SWOT, branding and target audience analyses were other key elements required for this project.
It's a challenge for 20+ students to work in their existing teams, while working with the other teams in the  class in addition learning to work with an external client.  Multiple on-site visits were made to gather information for a sound strategy.  Their presentation earned praise from the principal, the board, and the Dean of the business school.  We are waiting to hear what St. Luke will use from the creative promotional strategy designed specifically for them.  In addition, creative videos were produced, along with ads (print and radio), new logo and tag line.  Their presentation brought tears to those present.
see list belowSee list below20152016LetourneauJanet M.Marketing
Andriuolo, Nicole UG-2016, Major: MGT/MKT Student
Bouffard, Andrew UG-2016, Major: MKT Student
Broberg, Haley UG-2016, Major: MKT Student
Chapman, Alexandra UG-2016, Major: MKT, Minor: WRT Student
D'Adamio, Christina UG-2016, Major: MKT, Minor: ARH Student
DeMaggio, Gabriella UG-2016, Major: MKT, Minor: FIN Student
DeSantis, Emma UG-2016, Major: MKT Student
Fillet, Nolan UG-2016, Major: MKT Student
Fitman, Andrew UG-2016, Major: MKT Student
Gray, Patrick UG-2016, Major: MKT Student
Klein, Mary UG-2016, Major: MKT Student
LeBlanc, Jeremy UG-2016, Major: MKT Student
Mackie, Emma UG-2016, Major: MKT Student
Mahar, Kaila UG-2016, Major: MKT Student
McDermott, Matthew UG-2016, Major: MKT Student
Pacor, John UG-2016, Major: MKT Student
Palmer, Sarah UG-2016, Major: MKT, Minor: SPN Student
Sprouls, Conor UG-2015, Major: MKT Student
Tavalone, Laura UG-2016, Major: MKT Student
Vega, Gabrielle UG-2017, Major: MKT Student
Yeatman, John UG-2016, Major: MKT Student

This section was chosen to do a requested strategy for St. Mary Sacred Heart School in order to maintain momentum for existing high enrollment, retention and expansion of this Catholic grade school.  The class was divided into five teams covering key elements of an IMC: Advertising, Publicity, Direct Response, Sales Promotion, and Digital Media.  In addition, SWOT, Branding and Target audience were required areas of the plan.  In  order to do an excellent job, students had to schedule on-site visits to gather more information.  A very high percentage (excess of 85%) of students took time to visit SMSH.
This project was extremely challenging, since St. Mary Sacred Heart already has significant enrollment  and retention numbers and they continue to expand.  It's tough thinking of ways a brand can improve, when they are already doing many things well.  Also, there's a lot of coordination for students in a team to work together; in addition to the greater challenge of having to coordinate with the other teams in the class to maintain consistency throughout the project.  Their presentation was well-received by the Board and those present.  In addition, this class created two new logos and tag lines.  Multiple creative videos were designed for digital use:  a virtual tour, St. Mary Sacred Heart video for visitors, advertising, publicity and a video documenting their time working with St. Mary Sacred Heart.  In the near future, SMSH will report what they intend to use from this creative IMC done by this class.  We hope to have that in time for the event in April. 
See list belowsee list below201620152017LetourneauJanet M.Marketing
 Christian, Michael UG-2016, Major: MKT Student
Contri, Robert UG-2016, Major: MKT Student
DeLaurentis, Drew UG-2016, Major: MKT Student
Iacoi, Julia UG-2016, Major: MKT Student
McDermott, Aileen UG-2015, Major: MKT Student
Mullan, Grace UG-2016, Major: MKT Student
O'Connell, Jenna UG-2017, Major: MKT Student
Obregon, Olivia UG-2016, Major: MKT Student
Pitter, Kadene UG-2016, Major: MKT Student
Sanford, Meghan UG-2016, Major: MKT, Minor: MTH Student
Strait, Gregory UG-2016, Major: MKT Student
Trifero, Katherine UG-2016, Major: MKT Student
Williams, T. UG-2016, Major: MKT Student

This small class was asked to design a promotional strategy for Friar Food Rescue.  They were required to cover each of the following elements of the plan:  advertising, publicity, digital media, sales promotion, direct response.  In addition, they were required to do SWOT, branding and target audience analyses.  This small class of 13 students was divided into four teams to cover specifically assigned above-listed elements of the plan.  Students also had to spend time at meetings for this on-campus organization, as well as shadow students delivering food to various food kitchens in Providence.
This section worked at a significant manpower disadvantage (41%).  Normally, a larger enrolled class of 22 is chosen in order to gain a wider variety of skills and talents and to spread the workload.  This small team of students had to learn to coordinate their teams with other teams in the class in order to maintain consistency for the project.  In addition, they created a new logo, tagline, ideas for social media, and other events on campus to help this organization increase on-campus awareness, members, and reduce waste in order to increase food delivery volume to local food kitchens.  Nikki and her team members were thrilled after the presentation - this was timely, since they were in the midst of re-organizing FFR.  Last week, I was informed that FFR is using the new logo, tag line, ideas and video for social media, will "hold a day of waste in Ray", implement the "reach out to alumni" and implement the mass texting initiative.  As FFR implements more of the ideas, they will keep us informed.
see list belowSee list below2015see list below2016LetourneauJanet M.Marketing
This thesis argues that the apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe did indeed take place as traditionally
believed, and that the miraculous image provides proof that Christianity was absorbed into the culture of the indigenous people of Central Mexico. While there are some cases in which Christianity was forced on the indigenous people by the Spaniards, or where the traditional indigenous religious practices continued under the guise of Christianity, there is considerable evidence that many among the indigenous did internalize and understand the Christian faith.  Thus, genuine conversions did occur.  I will examine evidence from the chronicles of the Franciscans and other historians of
New Spain that mention evidence of an indigenous devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe prior to European recognition of the devotion, as well as historical accounts that show the interpretation of Christianity into indigenous iconography and cultural traditions.
Tom did an excellent job in explaining and defending the traditional Our Lady of Guadalupe narrative in a very creative and original way.
Contradictory myths were at the heart of Evita¹s persistence as an enigmatic, divisive historical figure. In order to discern a potentially more truthful and genuine depiction of Eva Perón, research and critical analysis of primary and secondary historical sources will attempt to strip away myths, biases, and
self-aggrandizement, to the extent possible. While evidence existed that at times Eva Perón employed unscrupulous, unethical, coercive, and wasteful methods, this thesis argues that the driving force for Eva Perón¹s activism was social justice, and not personal power or ego.
Her thesis was meticulously written, carefully presented and well argued.
In this paper, we extend and enhance the work previously published by Duncan et al. (2007), Grissmer et al. (2010) and Cornwell et al. (2013). These papers examined the effects of academic, attention, and socio-emotional skills on student achievement. In our paper, we attempt to expand upon these ideas by examining the effects of fine motor skills, attention skills, socio-emotional skills, age, gender, race, and socioeconomic status on initial school entry reading and mathematics scores. Our data are the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study that was begun in 1998 in kindergarten and then replicated in 2010. The preliminary findings of this paper provide results that parallel the findings of the previous papers, suggesting the importance of fine motor and attention skills on students’ reading and mathematics ability at the start of kindergarten.

This is an outstanding project that is examines cutting edge research in the effect of self regulatory skills on school entry mathematics and reading test scores.  The paper has already been accepted to be presented at the annual meeting of the Eastern Sociological Society in NYC on February 28, 2015.  It is the results of a full year Independent Study project.
McGrealKathleen2015IbosTaylor2015RiordanCornelius Sociology
Rick Battistoni, PSP
Rebecca Twitchell, PSP Community Faculty member
Each fall, the PSP practicum students write a grant proposal to benefit their community partners. This grant proposal is built upon a semester's worth of engagement on site at the community partner, as well as a community site information project that requires the students to research not only the organization, but the social issue(s) that organization is attempting to address. Brandi was awarded $250 and with that, she implemented the S.L.I.M.E Club at Paul Cuffee Lower School, introducing the core foundations of STEM education into the after school program. The grant project was developed in collaboration with the staff at Paul Cuffee and with the guidance of the PSP practicum instructors, in order to engage elementary students in project-based STEM activities and to provide Providence College service-learners first hand experience teaching STEM themes.
Brandi's approach to the grant project was collaborative, creative, and enthusiastic. She took what she knew of the school's mission (they are a maritime-themed charter school), leveraged her relationships within the school community (teachers and after school staff), and came up with creative STEM-inspired projects that would engage elementary students and PC education majors in hands-on science education. Brandi's project is a unique example of how PC students can leverage the college's resources to better support our community partners and enhance PC students' learning.
PhillipsBrandi2016GriffithsMeghanPublic & Community Service Studies
Jake's project is an original piece of research that studies primary evidence from early medieval Europe and develops an original argument about how and when a true aristocracy developed in Carolingian Europe. His work is based on primary research in several languages, and develops original ideas about key events in medieval history that illustrate the rise of a true nobility (he also does comparative research to define a true nobility). I expect he will pursue this topic in graduate school, and will be able to publish his paper with further refinement.
I don't know that any other student at PC could have conducted this research. Jake used primary sources written in medieval Latin, and his modern sources were written in French and English, so it was a trilingual project. He also needed a high level of professional training to evaluate the primary sources and to challenge prevailing modern opinions about the timing and definition of nobility in the medieval period. He conducted much of his primary research using archival and library resources while studying in France, and had to translate the Latin sources himself and examine their relevance to his argument. Thus this is an impressive example of language skills combined with historical research, conducted both on-site in France and here in the USA.
Haley Chapman
Casey Clark
Alicia Oliveira
Kathryn Maloney
Amanda D'Ambrosio
Susan Mendl
Kanyinsola Adedji
Courtney Hunter
Andrew Sayer
Marco Aurelien
Katherine Dul
Elizabeth Gaitskill
Abigail Wolf
Aleida Benitez (Special Lecturer- Global Studies)
Jennifer Ciplet (Community Instructor- Global Studies)
Students enrolled in the Youth Development Across Borders class travelled to El Manzano Uno, Nicaragua during winter break on a global service-learning trip. While there, they worked with the non-profit organization, Waves of Hope, and conducted various projects with local children, as well as adults within this rural coastal village. Focusing on a "Listening Project" and "Pop-Up Play", students have been engaging in what it means "to be" and develop youth in various contexts, bringing those projects back to Providence through work with CityArts! for Youth.
This project involves a diverse group of students, representing every class year, as well as over 10 different academic departments. Their semester-long projects, developing out of their one week in Nicaragua, is interdisciplinary in its nature, and involves a great deal of community engagement (at both the local and global levels). Furthermore,  as our campus continues to "internationalize", their projects serve as a model for how to internationalize our curriculum, and can thus inspire other students and faculty to consider the vast ways (both in international contexts such as Nicaragua, as well as local contexts such as the partnership with CityArts!) in which our community can learn from and engage with both local and global communities.
LongoElizabeth2017SweeneyBrian2015Garcia-PletschMagaliFeinstein Institute for Public Service
Brian Bartolini & Kaitlyn O'Malley served as the Administrative Collaborators to this project

The Friar Foundation Program (Bridge Program), a newly developed program (2014) for approximately 30 incoming students who were classified as academically at-risk, targets two fundamental issues facing incoming freshmen — academic responsibility and social assimilation. Systematic evaluation of this project involved the collaboration of administration, faculty, and student. Program evaluation included quantitative and qualitative program assessment through evaluation of participant at set intervals from pre program to post program second semester academic standing.
This project is important because the findings serve as the first extensive quantitative and qualitative investigation for program assessment of a new innovative program (Bridge Program) and may serve as the prototype for this program's continuous assessment process. Additionally, this project may function as a catalyst for additional collaborative projects among  administration, faculty, and students on research endeavors.
PerrellliKristen2016GrossmanSusanSocial Work
Sexual abuse is often treated through various therapeutic techniques, such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and the Family Systems Therapy. However, the use of Narrative Therapy can also be effectively therapeutic for victims of sexual abuse to regain sense of self-worth.
Narrative Therapy treatment involves helping people find new ways of re-authoring [life] stories in collaboration between the therapist / community worker by creating ownership of their stories and allowing the externalization of traumatic memories. Victims of sexual abuse experience  appropriately place blame on their abusers, instead of on themselves. Research results into the effectiveness of Narrative Therapy was conducted with a sample of  R I Licensed Clinical Social Workers cases. Results showed that Narrative Therapy significantly increased feelings of resiliency, optimism, and empowerment in  victims of sexual abuse.

Wallis, J., Burns, J., & Capdevila, R. (2011). What is narrative therapy and what is it not?The usefulness of Q methodology to explore accounts of White and

Epston's (1990) approach to narrative therapy. Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy, 18(6), 486-497. doi:10.1002/cpp.723.
Evidence of treatment effectiveness is necessary for social work practitioners knowledge base for intervention selection. Since Narrative Therapy has been found to be effective with sexual abuse victims, it may prove therapeutic for victims of other types of abuse.

The clinicians who offer this form of treatment have also found it to be effective. It is the hope of the researcher that Narrative Therapy can become a more mainstream form of treatment for those who have experienced the trauma of sexual abuse.

The clinicians who offer this form of treatment have also found it to be effective. It is the hope of the researcher that Narrative Therapy can become a more mainstream form of treatment for those who have experienced the trauma of sexual abuse.
The clinicians who offer this form of treatment have also found it to be effective. It is the hope of the researcher that Narrative Therapy can become a more mainstream form of treatment for those who have experienced the trauma of sexual abuse.

HevertAbigal2015GrossmanSusanSocial Work
Connor Keane
MJ McGrath
Kaitlyn Chisholm

Providence College's entry in the American Marketing Association's national integrated marketing plan competition for VitaminWater. It is comprised of an executive summary, situation analysis, SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, Porter industry analysis, competitive analysis, brand personality assessment, target market description, objectives, market research, advertising and marketing tactics, public relations plan, distribution plan, personal selling and business-to-business strategy, pricing plan, and measurement and evaluation section.
It was the best project submitted in the MKT 404 Advanced Advertising course in Fall 2014 and earned an honorable mention in the national competition, placing it in the top 29 submissions among the 85 entrants.
Alana Dermody 2018
Jenna DiSalvo 2018
Emma Flanagan 2018
Caroline Galeota 2018
A comprehensive integrated marketing plan for VitaminWater comprised of Situational Analysis, Brand Personality Assessment, Competitive Analysis, Market Research, Brand Strategy and Objectives, Public Relations, Marketing Tactics, and Pricing Plan.

Limitations……………………..Page 26
It was the best of eight group projects submitted by freshman marketing majors in MKT 205 Principles of Marketing in Fall 2015.  Moreover, it was the same project assigned to the senior marketing majors enrolled in MKT 404 Advanced Advertising.
Jeff Kotz
Peter devised a survey inquiring about patient experiences and expectations in regards to Student Health Center visits at  Providence College. After administering the survey, he plans to tally responses and target areas of improvement for the SHC and its staff
Peter has worked very hard with his department as well as collaborated with other departments to learn how to work with an IRB and to understand the psychological aspects that impact a patients perspective and how it may affect the health outcomes for a college population.
scarpatopeter2016bornscheinsuzanneStudent Health Center
Kate wrote and applied for a grant from the American College Health Association to support a program that she is designing during her Independent Study Project with the Student Health Center. Her project is to design a mentoring program for seniors to transmit the techniques that they have learned along the way to freshmen who are identifying and struggling with anxiety and psychological distress.
Kate intends for the campus as a health cohort to benefit from her project and has researched  extensively a brilliant yet simple way to address the problem of psychological distress on college campuses as stated in the Healthy Campus 2020 report.
douglasKate2015bornscheinsuzanneStudent Health Center
Keefe did a careful study, examining not only the pivotal role of Teddy Roosevelt in the negotiations that ended the Russo-Japanese War, but also the important role that the local leaders and residents of Portsmouth, NH played as hosts of the talks. His work is based on multi-archival research, including records at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC and the Special Collections of the Portsmouth, NH Public Library.
Mr. Keefe has provided another lens by which to understand both the role of the key actors, Japanese, Russian and American, and also of the critical turning points during the negotiations, which easily could have undermined their ultimate success.
Rhode Island is facing a waste disposal crisis. Although most regions of the United States are gravitating (or have already gravitated) towards modern sanitation strategies, the Ocean State is still relying on landfills to dispose of its trash. By applying economic, social, and environmental methods of evaluation to the issue, this project seeks to develop pragmatic recommendations for sustainable solutions to the trash crisis in consultation with the R.I. Department of Environmental Management and the R.I. Society of CPAs.
The project represents an outgrowth of a Department of Western Civilization Colloquium that is jointly taught by an accounting professor from Providence College and an environmental engineer from the R.I. Department of Environmental Management. It represents an inter-disciplinary activity that applies classroom knowledge of the liberal arts, of the sciences, and of business to an urgent "real world" public interest issue.
This study examined Providence College students' perceptions and use of the Personal Counseling Center on campus. Using a campus-wide survey, Carly assessed the extent to which students have used these ervices, their satisfaction with services received, their knowledge of the counseling center, and the barriers that might prevent students from seeking help.
This project was quite the undertaking, and was completed independently by Carly, with very little supervision from me. The applied nature of the study provides important information for students as well as the Personal Counseling Center. In addition to the fact that Carly is deserving of this recognition, sharing her findings with the broader campus community will help to disseminate some important findings.
In this project, I recount my experiences as an intern at Women & Infant’s Hospital last fall. Through work on the Antenatal Care Unit and a healthy baby post-partum unit, I observed medical teams caring for women with both high-risk and healthy pregnancies. After reading relevant literature written by hospital-birth advocates and critics, I was then able to evaluate how practices at Women & Infant’s aim to bridge the gap between both parties. These evaluations demonstrate how the administration and staff at this hospital are actively working to promote the health and comfort of mother and baby. ​
Posters from the biology department are most often research based. Molly's poster will be based on her internship experience working in ante-natal care unit Women and Infants Hospital. This is not common and it would be good to highlight the internship experiences that we have here at the college.
In Fall of 2014 this  independent study looked at the possibility of a community food garden sponsored by Providence College. Based on examinations of food gardens at other colleges, such as Yale, Colgate, and Binghampton University, the study looked at the benefits and challenges of establishing a similar space at PC. The creation of the community growing space has the potential to enhance learning about environmental and food systems and enhance the local community by partnering with community volunteers. This report examines questions of location, community outreach, farm leadership, education integration, and market possibilities.
The subject of this study is of interest to students, faculty and staff across the curriculum of the college. it provides rich information on the potential of campus-based food gardens for experientially based learning, but also demonstrates how student research can help move such a project from concept to implementation.
WalkerPatrick2015MortonKeithPublic and Community Service Studies
Two student teachers create an instructional unit in physics and biology, respectively, which they implement in a local high school during three weeks as part of student teaching requirements. The purpose of this project is to enhance student teachers’ appreciation of the essence of the new science standards, the Next Generation Science Standards, recently adopted by Rhode Island, which will replace the previous standards. The instructional units are analyzed based on a given rubric to determine the different components of the NGSS as well as the performance expectations of the standards that are met through the instruction.
The Next Generation Science Standards were created nationally in 2013 to replace previous science standards. Although Rhode Island was the first state to adopt this nationally acclaimed standards, teachers are still challenges on creating instructional units/lessons that align to these standards. Science students in the secondary education program are being challenged to explore these new standards in their instructional units so as to be ready to implement them in their classrooms after their program at PC. The findings from this project will highlight performance expectations of the new standards that are attained in a biology and physics unit. This will motivate pre- and in-service teachers to explore the NGSS in their classrooms and to become early adopters.
SabiaNatalie2015DeGarayElizabeth2015AtehComfortSecondary Education
Graph theory is an area of mathematics that examines the structure and applications of graphs.  Unlike graphs in a calculus class, a graph arising in graph theory consists of a set of vertices and edges.  Each edge connects a distinct pair of vertices.  One class of open problems in graph theory involves prime labelings.  Specifically, a prime labeling of a graph with p vertices is an assignment of values 1 through p to the vertices such that any two adjacent vertices are relatively prime.  This project explores whether it is possible to find prime labelings for Grid graphs of a given size. 
Tram’s work on this project occurred during the fall 2014 semester and demonstrates exceptional work done by an undergraduate student.  Since graph labelings were first introduced in the 1960s thousands of papers have been published on a variety of techniques.  The specific problem of determining which grid graphs have a prime labeling is an open problem in graph theory that Tram has been investigating.  Although Tram only worked on the project for one semester she made good progress and was able to prove a small original theorem.  I feel that the Annual Celebration of Student Scholarship and Creativity would be a great place for Tram to showcase her work.  
NguyenTram2016McBeeCayla Mathematics and Computer Science
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