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students at Career Expo

Integrated Learning & Administration

​​​​​We help students integrate seemingly different experiences to create new narratives that promote career and life readiness.  The programs and services offered by Orientation, Transitions & Leadership and Career Education & Professional Development ensure the progressive development of learning inside and outside the classroom.  

This office also provides administrative coordination for the Division of Student Affairs on strategic and operational projects.  ​​​​


 Contact Us

Patti Goff
  • Assistant Vice President for
    Integrated Learning & Administration
    Office: Slavin 102
    Phone: 401.865.1031

Alison Sjovall

Student Affairs Communication 
& Assessment Specialist​
Office: Slavin 114
Phone: 401.865.1334

Kathleen Baker

Central Reservations Coord​inator
Office: Slavin 102 
​ 401.865.2070