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Investment Club

The Providence College Investment Club was founded in 2010 by Jonathan Quick in an attempt to bring together students of the PC community that have an interest for investments. The Investment Club is open to all who are interested, both amateurs and experts alike. The mission of the Investment Club is to educate students on the "why" to invest as well as general introductory knowledge.

In order to achieve these goals it is the job of the executive board to introduce the information in a way that informs the club members other than in a typical class manner. In order to do this, the club invites financial professionals to speak to the club about their experiences in the real world and their suggestions on personal investing.

Additionally, the club holds a virtual stock market game that allows the members to test their hand at investing without the risk of losing actual money. Our goal is to ensure that each member of the Investment Club leaves knowing the basic "hows" and "whys" of investing and to have the club act as a medium toward future interest and knowledge of the market.

The Investment Club meets every other Thursday at 7pm in Feinstein 112.​​​