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A Christmas Message

December 24, 2012

Dear Friars,

There is no feeling quite like the one you experience on Christmas Eve, as all the pent-up energy you have been storing for Christmas readies to burst out in a flurry of joy and cheer. Around us, we see once dull eyes reinvigorated with a merry gleam. Celebration is bounding towards us, and we are bracing ourselves for its lively impact.
While it is easy to get lost in the fun of it all, I urge you to take a moment out of your revelries and reflect upon the people that make this time of year so significant to you. Each family member and friend who has affected you positively deserves at least a gracious thought.  Let those who better you as a person know how influential they have been.

Now, I ask you all to do what you always do: take a Friar step! Reflect not just on the people in your lives, but the events. Our communal journey that began in September was by no means easy. We have all experienced intoxicating highs and overpowering lows; we have been dynamic. We have used these experiences to teach ourselves lessons that we take with us in our futures; we have found meaning. We have shared this newfound meaning with our classmates, families, and anyone who will listen; we have become relational. We have incorporated all we have learned from ourselves and others into the person we are, different than who we once were; we have BEEN TRANSFORMED. It is not just a phrase, but is the way we live.
I pray that you will have a safe and restful break. I pray with even more vigor that you all find your paths to success on this voyage, and never forget that it is one that you do not make alone. All of us, all Friars, walk together, side by side, to our unknown destinations. The road may be difficult and the tribulations hard to bear, but wherever life takes us, together, we will get there.
With prayers, your humbled dean of students,
Dr. Steven A. Sears


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