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Providence College Statement on Diversity


As a Catholic and Dominican institution of higher education, Providence College “recognizes the unity of the human family that proceeds from its one Creator” and “encourages the deepest respect for the essential dignity, freedom, and equality of every person.”1 Commonalities are celebrated, especially those that center on shared commitment to the pursuit of truth and a shared obligation to treat one another with kindness and compassion. Diversity in its many forms and expressions is valued and appreciated; therefore, all community members are encouraged “to talk and listen to, and to learn from one another.”2


Providence College believes that a diverse community is one in which its members enjoy dynamic, reciprocal, and, above all, compassionate interactions, reflective of St. Dominic’s “wide embrace” of all peoples.3 We invite current and prospective members of the community to grow and learn from the diverse voices on the campus and in the greater world.

1. Mission Statement of Providence College.
2. Fr. Timothy Radcliffe, O.P., Talking to Strangers. An address given at Yale University, October 8, 1996.
3. Blessed Jordan of Saxony’s description of St. Dominic’s charity as quoted in Gerard de Frachet’s 13th century Lives of the Bretheren.

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