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Measuring Our Success

​​​​​​As we implement the initiatives set forth in this Strategic Plan, we will evaluate regularly our progress toward realizing our Vision for 2015. To that end, we have developed a list of key, but not exhaustive, measures against which we will track our progress. The measures listed below are objective and quantifiable and allow us to both evaluate ourselves internally and to provide meaningful comparisons to our peer institutions.

In our Vision, we aspire to provide our students with a life-changing educational experience and to become a first-choice destination Catholic liberal arts college. We are committed to academic excellence (reflected in innovative teaching and learning, and leading to sustained intellectual growth in our students); spiritual growth and personal development in our students; diversity and strong community alliances; and institutional accountability and continuous improvement.

The measures listed below focus on these qualities and impact one or more of the institutional core values that guide our Strategic Plan. Since financial resources and philanthropy are essential in enabling us to provide this life-changing educational experience, measures of success in this area are also included. In many instances, benchmarking results to relevant comparison institutions or groups will assist in evaluating progress.​


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Measuring Success of the Strategic Plan Page 1Measuring Success of the Strategic Plan Page 1


Rev. Joseph J. Guido, O.P., Vice President for Mission and Ministry: “If it taps into the gratitude of the alums of Providence College, (the strategic plan) will succeed beyond our wildest dreams.” (1:17)​


Rev. Brian J. Shanley, O.P., '80, Providence College President:  “The stars are in alignment.” (2:09)​