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The sociology faculty includes nine full-time and three adjunct and part-time members. Like any sociology department, ours introduces undergraduates to the fundamental concepts of the discipline (the sociohistorical construction of identity and inequality, research methods, and theory) in addition to an array of topical courses that apply to contemporary issues such as race, gender, immigration, crime, globalization, homelessness, education, and the family. What we offer over many research-oriented universities and colleges is a combination of faculty trained in some of the top doctoral programs in the country and a deep commitment on the part of our faculty to undergraduate education and social change. We are scholars, but we are also teachers and active citizens of the wider communities we inhabit.

Full-Time Faculty

brooks.jpgAbigail T. Brooks
Education: Ph.D., Boston College
Research Areas: Gender; the Body; Age Studies; Science and Technology Studies; Health and Illness; Feminist Theory; Qualitative Methods
Courses Taught: Introductory Sociology; Social Theory; Gender and Society; Introduction to Women’s Studies; Masculinity, Femininity, and the Body in Popular Culture; Gender, Environmental Health, and New Technologies

Kara Cebulko​
Education: Ph.D., Indiana University
Research Areas: Unauthorized Migration; Children of Immigrants; Latino(a) Studies; Education
Courses Taught: Introductory Sociology; Sociology of Immigration; Global Studies Capstone Seminar

Cedric de Leon​​ (on sabbatical 2013-14)
Education: Ph.D., University of Michigan
Research Areas: Comparative and Historical Sociology; Political Sociology; Racial and Class Formation
Courses Taught: Introductory Sociology; History of Social Thought; Contemporary Social Theory

Eric Hirsch
Education: Ph.D., University of Chicago
Research Areas: Research and advocacy on homelessness in Rhode Island
Courses Taught: Race and Ethnic Relations; Urban Sociology; Social Movements; Homelessness in America; Sociology of Disaster
Maureen Outlaw (Department Chair)
Education: Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
Research Areas: Violence against Women; Gender; Hate and Bias
Courses Taught: Introductory Sociology; Criminology; Criminal Justice; Women and Crime; Domestic Violence; Conflict and Violence; Sociology Capstone

Cornelius Riordan
Education: Ph.D., Syracuse University
Research Areas: Social organization of schools; Educational outcomes of at-risk children in public single-sex and co-ed schools; Gender gap in academic achievement
Courses Taught: Introductory Sociology; Social Research Methods; Schools in American Society; Computer Applications in Sociology; The Uses of Sociology
Josephine A. Ruggiero
Education: Ph.D., Fordham University
Research Areas: Gender; Race; Social Policy; International Adoption
Courses Taught: The Changing Family; Social Change; Sociology Internship; Women and Family Issues Internship

Eve Veliz
Education: Ph.D., University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
Research Areas: Family; the U.S. Latino Experience; Minority Health
Courses Taught: Introductory Sociology; Latino(a)s in the U.S.; Sociology of the Family; Minority Health in the U.S.; Sociology of Inequality

Charlotte G. O’Kelly
Education: Ph.D., University of Connecticut
Research Areas: Development; Gender and Racial Stratification; Environment
Courses Taught: Sociology of Women and Men; African-American Women; Globalization and Social Justice; Consumer Society; Power of Whiteness​

Adjunct and Part-Time Faculty

Martin A. Barroll
Education: Ph.D., New School of Social Research
Research Areas: Imperialism
Courses Taught: Introductory Sociology

Matthew R. Filteau
Education: Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University
Research Areas: Environmental Sociology; Masculinities; Rural Sociology
Courses Taught: Introductory Sociology; History of Social Thought

Robert H. Pankin
Education: Ph.D., Purdue University​
Research Areas: Part-time and Contingent Faculty; Hegemony
Courses Taught: Introductory Sociology; Social Problems; Sociology of Sport; Sociology of Leisure; Social and Social Science Theory


Howley Hall


Dr. Maureen Outlaw
118 Howley Hall

Departmental Contact:

Marcia Battle, Secretary
119 Howley Hall
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