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​Administrative Social Work/ Social Worker’s Knowledge and Abilities

​​​​Social Workers’ Knowledge Of Human Trafficking

Relative Versus Non-Relative Foster Care

Parents As Partners: An Analysis of the Barriers to Parental Involvement in Special Education

The Increase of Bipolar Disorder in Children and Adolescents

A Call For The Spiritual Dimension To Be Included In Social Work Education

Confronting Death: Co-infection with HIV/AIDS and Hepatitis C

The Role of Elementary School Physical Activity in Combating Childhood Obesity

A Study of Three Program Types' Effectiveness in the Prevention and Awareness of HIV/AIDS in Sub-Saharan Africa

Positive Behavior Support and Student Response to the Behavior Education Program

Sexual Abuse in Preschool Aged Children: Teaching Childcare Professionals to Identify Signs and Symptoms

A Comparison of Teachers' Perspectives of Social Competency of Autistic Children in Inclusion and Self Contained Classrooms

Dealing with the Unsuccessful Cases: An Assessment of the Experiences and Process of Coping with Patient Suicide in Mental Healthcare Professionals

Providing for Rhode Islands Juvenile Delinquents: Community Based Services vs. Incarceration

New Ways of Addressing the Psychological Traumas of War: Supplementing Traditional Social Supports to Prevent Homelessness Among Mentally ill Veterans​

Sex Education: The Effectiveness of Comprehensive-Based Compared to the Effectiveness of Abstinence-Only

Gender Specific Skills Promote Female Adolescent Well-Being

An Assessment of Social Worker Attitudes Regarding the Domestic Sex Trafficking of Children in America

Transition and Transformation of Service Agencies Following an Emergency Response

The Sensory Treatment Approach in Dealing with Trauma in Children: Does it Work?

Safe Voluntary Exit Plans for Gang Involved Youth in Rhode Island: A Qualitative Study

The Effects of Permanency on Youth in Foster Care: The Successes They Achieve After Exiting the System

Burnout Prevalence and Prevention in a State Child Welfare Agency