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Peer Mentor Program  

"Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction."
John C. Crosby, American politician (1859-1943)

Mission:  The Providence College community is built upon strong and meaningful connections and relationships.  We are responsible for creating meaningful connections and accessibility to resources for those who want/need our support in entering and adjusting to college.  We are dedicated to improving the fabric of diversity and knitting a stronger family in which first year students particularly students of color and international students may transition successfully by bringing their whole selves to Providence College and learning to navigate the campus culture.  

The importance of diversity for Providence College and the Peer Mentor Program includes representation and an inclusive environment that welcomes the unique expression of each student.  Our hope and expectation is that we create a stronger community between incoming and upperclass students through mentoring relationships individually and collectively.

Philosophy:  Unlike other peer mentor programs, we will engage in "collaborative mentoring," i.e. mentors will both individually and collaboratively support first year students with an emphasis on students of color and international students. Mentors will have their own group of mentees as well as be available to answer questions or meet other mentees outside of one’s mentee group. For example a mentee interested in a particular major may ask any mentor who is from that major to meet and talk more about it. We believe in a shared effort and commitment so that community is cultivated among all the mentors and mentees. 

We are committed to intercultural relationships so we match mentees and mentors being mindful of differences and commonalities that would enrich the mentoring experience. Since we have a collective mentoring model, a mentee may meet with any of the mentors for a common connection.

In addition to acculturation, one of the primary goals of the PMP is to foster academic excellence by connecting mentees with campus resources such as Career Services, the Office of Residence Life, Campus Ministry, SAIL and the Office of Academic Services.  

Mentors are often able to answer questions and concerns about:

  • Academic issues (course selection, study habits, time management)
  • Getting involved on campus (intramurals, clubs & orgs, etc.)
  • Career Advice (planning for graduate school, learning about career choices)
  • Finding a part-time job
  • Dealing with peers, roommates, friends, and others
  • Off-campus resources (navigating RIPTA, places to go in RI)

Throughout the academic year, PMP coordinators and mentors plan monthly activities to enhance the mentor/mentee relationship and strengthen our mentees' transition to Providence and Providence College. Past events including a visit to the Roger Williams zoo for their annual Pumpkin festival, pastries at Pastiche, a clean-up service project, enjoy food at the BMSA Cultural Jamboree at PC and intergroup dialogues about diversity and PC.

Why be a mentee?

Mentees benefit from a variety of opportunities including: building a healthy relationship with upperclassmen mentors, sharing transition experiences and insights about being at PC, and having access to a dedicated reservoir of support and information.  Whether it's about your roommates, what to eat at Ray, how to add/drop classes, or what to do around Providence, the peer mentors are here to give advice and help you out.

Any first year student may apply to be a mentee for the Peer Mentor Program.

Why be a mentor?

This is a leadership opportunity to assist first year students with their transition to college life as a resource to answer questions, to direct them to academic and student services, to extend a listening ear and to encourage them to engage, interact and get involved on campus. 

In addition to providing support, mentors are bridge-builders between their first year mentees and the academic and student service departments across campus. This means that students have a ready resource for questions ranging from how to get places, how to navigate through important staples of the college experience, and most importantly, how to get connected to PC's vibrant student life.  Our mentors are expected to build healthy relationships with mentees, share personal experiences and insights about being at PC, and be an informal source of dedicated support and information.  You take on the responsibility of enhancing students' growth and development, and directing them toward a higher quality of life.

Our mentors are diverse in all aspects (race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic class, etc.), are passionate and committed to being positive role models that share in the spirit of PC and have a desire and commitment for guiding and helping others.

Who to Contact:

Elena Yee,, advisor
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