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Peer Mentor Program

Student Multicultural Activities (SMA)
Slavin Center 106c

Mentor Application

Deadline: March 24th, 2014, Monday

Note: All applicants will be interviewed.

Mission: The Providence College community is built upon strong and meaningful connections and relationships. Providence College and the Peer Mentor Program (PMP) is committed to an inclusive and intercultural environment that welcomes the unique expression of each student. Our hope and expectation is that we create a stronger community between incoming and upper class students through mentoring relationships individually and collectively.

  •  We are committed to bridging resources and students for their academic and social success. 
  • We are dedicated to supporting first year students particularly those who are under-represented so they may transition successfully by bringing their whole selves to Providence College and learning to navigate the campus culture. 

Purpose: This is a leadership opportunity to assist first year students with their transition to college life by being a resource to answer questions, directing them to academic and student services, extending a listening ear and encouraging them to engage, interact and get involved on campus.

Philosophy: Unlike other peer mentor programs, we will engage in "collective/collaborative mentoring," i.e. mentors will both individually and collectively support first year students. We are committed to intercultural relationships so as we match mentees and mentors we are mindful and intentional of the differences and commonalities that would enrich the mentoring experience. Since we have a collective mentoring model, a mentee may meet with any of the mentors for a common connection.

  • Mentors will have their own co-hort of mentees as well as be available to answer questions or meet other mentees outside of one’s mentees co-hort. We believe in a shared effort and commitment so that community is cultivated among all the mentors and mentees. 
  • Share your experience and knowledge to bolster a first year student for success at PC.
  • Learn leadership skills that will strengthen your portfolio as an upper class student.
  • Discover the value of mentorship for your current life as a student and for your future vocation.
  • Enjoy building new relationships with mentees and other mentors.
  • Leave a legacy of friendship and a strong foundation for future Friars at Providence College.
  • Strengthen your cultural competence per Student Affairs Friar Four Pillars and the College Strategic Plan for Embracing Diversity Core Value.
  • Be mentored by the Student Multicultural Activities director.
  • Attendance at a one day training and retreat with mentors and mentees on September 6, Saturday.
  • Read the PDF document Students Helping Students: A Guide for Peer Educators on College Campuses over the summer.
  • Attendance at a bi-weekly mentors meeting. We meet every other Wednesday at 7pm in the Balfour Unity Center for training and team a bi-weekly mentors meeting. We meet every other Wednesday at 7pm in the Balfour Unity Center for training and team building.
  • Plan and participate in an activity once/month for the PMP group. One activity per semester will be a service project.
  • Meet with your mentees once/month over a meal or at a student-led event.
  • Email, text , call or use social media to mentees once/week to check-in.
  • Meet with the Student Multicultural Activities director once a semester.
  • Full-time, matriculated student in the fall semester with a flexible co-curricular schedule.
  • In good disciplinary and academic standing (min GPA: 2.0)
  • Knowledge of the college’s resources and locations for academics, student services as well as social programs.
  • Take initiative in responding to questions and concerns by mentees.
  • Familiar with campus buildings and locations of offices.
  • Involved with formal or informal leadership on campus.
  • Attended events organized by student organizations, student life and academic departments.
  • Has a positive attitude, is open, flexible and motivated.
  • Able to contribute to and facilitate group discussions.
  • Willing to learn and listen and intentional and consistent in communication.
  • Enthusiastic about the college and its commitment to diversity.
  • Intercultural awareness and interaction.
  • Commitment to follow-through.

If you have questions, please contact Elena Yee, director of SMA, 401-865-1525,

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