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Mandatory Reporting Information for Faculty and Staff

​​College employees (with the exception of the confidential resources​), are mandated reporters​ of sexual misconduct and relationship violence and are obligated to report any incidents they learn of to a Title IX Coordinator​ or the Office of Safety & Security​.

When students report to a responsible employee, the College has been officially notified about possible harassment that creates a hostile environment.  When students report to a responsible employee, they have the right to expect the College to take prompt, fair, and adequate steps regarding the matter.  We require mandatory reporting about an incident, even if it didn’t happen on-campus and even if it didn’t occur recently, to facilitate adequate care and protection for students, and to protect students enrolled at the College.  

College employees who become aware of a claim or report of sexual harassment are obligated to report the matter at the earliest possible time and within 24 hours of receiving the information. 

  • ​​For more information on the reporting process, and how to make a report, see her​e​​.
  • The College always will be guided by the goal of empowering complainants, allowing them to retain as much control over the process as possible.  Please be assured of students’ ability to influence how to proceed when reports are made to the Title IX Coordinator​
  • If a student  begins to disclose to you - “I was sexually assaulted last weekend” - before the student tells you more and without asking questions, you should remind the student of your reporting duty.  “I need to tell you that I am a mandated reporter.  Your safety and well-being are our main​ concern, so we want to make sure you receive support, resources, and information.  If you don’t want to report any details or make a complaint at this time, you have the right to protect your privacy.  I will report only what you’ve shared with me.”
  • The duty to report information can be difficult for some.  Without pressing for details, please consider the following tips for responding as you listen empathetically: “Thank you for sharing. I am sorry you are going though this. Let me help you get to a person who can make sure you receive support, resources, and information. I’ll protect your privacy and I’ll support you in any way I can.” 

​​​​​24/7 HELP

Providence Police​​​

Emergency: 911 (9-911 from campus phone)

Providence College Public Safety

Emergency: (401) 865-2222

Confidential Resources 
Answering Serv​ice

To access confidential resources fr​om the Personal 
Counseling Center and Campus Ministry.
Available 24/7: (401) 865-1333​

Providence College Office of Resident Life

Hall Director On-Call: (401) 639-9110

Day One - The Sexual Assault 
& Trauma Resource Center

24 Hour Confidential Helpline: 1 (800) 494-8100​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

V.A.S.E. - Victim Advocacy, Support & ​Education

Day One Advocacy Coordinator (Courtney Miner) : (401) 280-0564​

Additional Contact Information - Including Confidential Resources​