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​Roommate Conflict Policy

In the event a student finds his or her roommate is incompatible, please follow the list of steps below:
Step 1 – Contact the Resident Assistant (RA) on your floor.  The RA will then schedule a meeting with all roommates in the room. 
Step 2 - During the meeting, the RA will create or revise a Roommate Agreement.  The Roommate Agreement is a form which guides residents through mediating conflicts regarding the environment of their room.  Throughout this process, the RA will offer advice on how to improve the living situation. 
Step 3 - The RA will check in with all students in the room 2 days after the mediation has occurred.  If conflict persists, then the students will be referred to their Hall Director.
Step 4 - The Hall Director will meet with all residents and review the Roommate Agreement.  The discussion will focus on the conflicts that are still occurring in the room. 
Step 5 - If the situation is deemed irresolvable by the Hall Director and/or resident(s) have not complied with the outlined guidelines on the Roommate Agreement, then the Hall Director will refer the resident(s) to the Community Standards process of an informal resolution or formal hearing.  Additionally, a resident may be directed to complete a Room Change Application via Residence.  The Hall Director will provide the resident seeking a room change with information on how to access this online form.
Step 6 – Once the Room Change application is submitted, a committee in the Office of Residence Life will review each application and decide if the student will be approved for a possible room change.
Step 7 - If the student is approved to have a room change:
Option 1 – The student will be placed on a waiting list until a bed is available.
Option 2 - A room swap can be conducted with another student who has also been approved for a room change. 
If a student is offered a new housing assignment, but does not accept this offer, he or she will be placed to the bottom of the waiting list.
The ultimate goal of the Residence Life Staff is to have a successful discussion with the concerned resident and respective roommates in which a roommate agreement is formed.  All residents must abide by the stipulations of the agreement, which in turn leads to a more positive living experience. 

Please Keep In Mind

  • Generally, room changes do not take place until after the first month of each semester. If a student has concerns about his or her room assignment then the student should contact his or her Hall Director.  
  • If there is a vacancy in a room, please remember that a student can be assigned to that room at any time.  Residents with an open bed in their room should create a welcoming environment to any new student assigned to that room.  Additionally, Residents with an open bed in their room should contact their Hall Director to complete an Open Bed Request Form.

Tips for a Successful Roommate Relationship

  • Set expectations from the beginning (use the Roommate Agreement to guide your discussion). 

  • Respect each other. 

  • Address concerns when they first occur. 

  • Keep the lines of communication open.

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