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Mixed Recyclables

The Providence College Recycling Program accepts the following items in all containers and totes marked MIXED RECYCLABLES:

  • Plastic Containers:
    • Tubs - e.g. butter, ice cream, margarine
    • Plastic Take-out Containers
    • Iced Coffee Cups
    • Yogurt Containers
    • Jugs - milk, juice, detergent
    • Bottles - soda, shampoo, water
    • Plastic Egg Cartons
  • Glass Containers:
    • Jars - e.g. pasta sauce, jelly
    • Bottles - soda, wine, seltzer
  • Mixed Paper:
    • Newspaper, Phonebooks, Envelopes
    • Office Paper, Spiral Notebooks
    • Egg Cartons
    • Wrapping and Tissue Paper
    • Gift Bags, Paper Bags
    • Food Boxes (Not Frozen or Refridgerated)
    • Mail, Magazines, Paperback Books
    • Paper Towel Tubes
  • Metal Cans and Foil:
    • Aluminum - e.g. cans, foil, pie pans
    • Empty Aerosol Cans - hairspray, air freshener, whipped cream
    • Tin Cans - soup, vegetables, tuna
  • Cartons:
    • Milk, Soy Milk, Juice
    • Soup, Broth, Juice Boxes
Please empty and rinse items before placing them in recycling containers.
Also, no caps! Please take them off the bottles or jars and throw them away!


The following items are considered trash and should not be placed in recycling containers, but in the trash barrels:

    • Styrofoam Cups and Containers - coffee cups, take-out containers
    • Ceramic or Glass Dishware and Mugs
    • Pizza Boxes
    • Scrap Metal
    • Wire Hangers
A printable version of this information is also available.

should become familiar with how and where mixed recyclables are recycled in their specific residence hall. Click on "Information for Students," "Where and How to Recycling in Your Dorm," then your building. To increase recycling in your dorm room or apartment, please consider designating a bin for recyclables only.

For faculty and staff, there are common area recycling containers set up throughout academic and administrative buildings. If you need a small recycling bin for your office, or have a suggestion on tote locations please do not hesitate to call (401)-865-1881 or email at


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