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​Personal Training

​​​​​​​​​​The Providence College Personal Training Program is available to all students and CFC members. Our nationally certified personal trainers can provide you with the education and instruction you will need to reach your health and fitness goals. You can meet with a certified personal trainer, one-on-one or with a buddy, who will design and guide you through a personalized fitness regimen.  Each and every new personal training client must sign up for 3 sessions so we can prepare you to successfully set and reach your health and fitness goals.



Personal One on One Training
                                                                            Member   Students
1 Sessions                                                          $35          $25
3 Sessions                                                          $75          $60
5 Sessions                                                          $100          $80
10 Sessions                                                          $180          $150

Buddy Training (Split the cost with a friend)
                                                         Member   Students
3 Sessions                                                           $100           $80
5 Sessions                                                           $160           $120
10 Sessions                                                           $300           $220

Group Training (3-6 clients; split the cost)
                                                         Member   Students
3 Sessions                                                           $140           $110
5 Sessions                                                           $180           $150
10 Sessions                                                           $340           $250

Training Bundles - Save $ & stay on track
                                                                                                                                                                       Members  Students
Kick Start: 1 Complete Microfit® & 3 Personal Training Sessions                                        $90             $70

Grand Package: 2 Complete Microfit® (pre & post) & 10 Personal                                      $200           $175 
Training Sessions

Fitness Assessments  
Microfit® computerized fitness tests will determine your current fitness level to help you develop goals & measure progress 

Complete Microfit® Test:                                                                                                            Members   Students
1-hr appointment to measure body composition, cardiovascular fitness,                              $35                 $25
muscular strength & endurance, & flexibility. Your trainer leads you 
through the assessment with our new software, explains your results, & 
provides you with goals and a copy for your records. 

Single Microfit® Test:                                                                                                                            $10                  $5
Interested in just 1 aspect of your fitness? Choose between body composition 
(includes % body fat, circumferences, & weight), cardiovascular fitness (bike), 
muscular strength & endurance, flexibility, & wellness profile. 

Group Options                                                                                                     Members          Students

Custom Classes: Schedule a private class of your choice for your student                  $20/session         $20/session
organization, team, or office. Options include Yoga, Indoor Cycling, Strength,            $75/5 sessions     $75/5 sessions​
TRX® & more! Price listed is for the entire group.  

Progression Sessions:  (Pricing TBA)                                                               
Sign up for a class that meets 1-2 times per week.                   
These roster-based classes will have the same participants each week so 
that the instructor can increasingly challenge you each week. Examples 
may include Strength Training 101, Yoga 101, HIIT, & more. We will 
offer new options every 6 weeks. Prices vary and are listed per person. 
Dates, times, and prices of Progression Sessions will be posted as they become