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Concannon Fitness Center

​​​​​​​​​Peter Carpentier

Major  & Graduation Year: Management 2010
Certifications: ACSM Certified Personal Trainer
Interests: sports, school, and scuba diving
Goals in Life: A successful career in law
Favorite Workout: Racquetball
Quote or Advice to new exercisers: Eating right the key to success.

Nicole Silvia

Major & Graduation Year: Class of 2010… Secondary Education/English Major
Certifications: AFFA Personal Training Certification, AAAI GroupX and Cycling Certifications
Interests: Running, working out, baking cookies, writing, shopping, and traveling
Goals in Life:   To be a teacher in an inner city high school and to further my teaching experiences to be a superintendent of schools.
Favorite Workout: Heavy Hill Spin Workout (with great music of courseJ)
Quote or Advice to new exercisers: Glutes like these do not come from a bottle! They come from making a dedicated decision of choosing the broccoli over the cheesecake!! Lead a healthy life for YOU!!

Michael Lewis

Major  & Graduation Year: Biology/ Pre-Med; 2011
Certifications: International Sports Science Association Certified
Interests: Ketsu-ka Kickboxing Champion, Professional MMA Trainer & Competitor
Goals in Life: Earn a Doctorate of Medicine, Write an MMA fitness book
Favorite Workout: Hurricane Training (Heavy compound lifts followed by  Plyometrics and Explosive Techniques)
Quote or Advice to new exercisers: It only takes 45 minutes three days a week to see results; however the more intense those 45 minutes are, the more intense your results will be.