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Eliane Boucher


Photo of faculty memberAssistant Professor

Contact Information:
Sowa Hall 159


Ph.D. - Social/Personality Psychology; Queen's University

Area(s) of Expertise:

Social psychology, interpersonal communication, interpersonal relationships, uncertainty, social anxiety, computer-medicated communication, judgmental accuracy

Awards and Honors:

Early Career Best Manuscript Award - European Journal of Social Psychology

Selected Publications:

Boucher, Eliane., Jacobson, Jill. (2012). Causal uncertainty during initial interactions. . European Journal of Social Psychology,(42), 652-663.

Recent Presentations:

Boucher, Eliane., Annual Meeting of the Society for Interpersonal Theory and Research, New Haven, CT, "Causal uncertainty as a predictor of relational uncertainty and relationship quality in romantic relationships.". June, 2014.

Boucher, Eliane., Society for Interpersonal Theory and Research, New Haven, CT, "Paper: Casual Uncertainty as a Predictor of Relational Uncertainty and Relationship Quality in Romantic Relationships". June, 2014.

Boucher, Eliane., Society for Personality & Social Psychology, New Orleans, LA, "Casual Uncertainty Effects in Close Friendships, The Role of Language in Predicting Interpersonal Perception, Using Personality as a Predictor of the Use of Positive Illusions in Relationships & Casual Uncertainty and Cultural Differences between Hispanic/Latinos and European-Americans". January, 2013.