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Office: 162 Sowa

Phone: 401-865-2687

Email: jguido​


​Fr. Joseph J. Guido, O.P.Fr. Joseph Guido, O.P.

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Senior Staff Psychologist with the Personal Counseling Center



A.B., Brown University (History)

S.T.B., S.T.L., Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception (Theology)

Ed.D,. Harvard University (Human Development and Psychology)

Post-doctoral studies in Clinical Psychology, Boston University

Clinical Training

Internship: The Bureau of Study Counsel at Harvard University

Post-doctoral Fellowship: The Danielsen Institute at Boston University

Licensed as a Psychologist in Rhode Island (#000593)

Research Interests

At present I have three distinct but related interests: contemporary psychoanalytic and psychodynamic theory; the psychology of trauma; and the role that religion can play in coping with adverse experience. In the broadest sense, I want to understand how human beings are affected by adversity, and how faith can affect an individual’s healing and growth.

Clinical Interests

I primarily am interested in helping college students and young adults deal with the myriad challenges that come their way. While this entails treating such maladies as anxiety, depression and substance abuse, as well as managing crises, it also involves helping them compose a sense of themselves as worthy of love and capable of effecting a life of meaning and purpose. Therefore I am interested in such issues as attachment and loss, mourning and resilience, and faith and hope. I am particularly interested in how the therapeutic relationship can serve as a corrective to previous relationships, and in insuring a safe and benign environment in which healing and growth can occur.

Courses Taught

PSY 489 Psychology in Human Services

PSY 470 Selected Topics: Freud and His Critics

PSY 470 Selected Topics: Psychology of Religion

PSY 324 Psychology of Abnormal Behavior

PSY 323 Personality

PSY 100 Introduction to Psychology

Recent Publications and Presentations

Guido, J.J. (2014). Heartache in the halls of ivy. [Review of the book, Mental Health Issues and the University Student]. PsycCritiques: Contemporary Psychology-APA Review of Books, 59 (30).

Guido, J.J. (2013). The good enough therapist. [Review of the book, Attachment-Based Psychotherapy]. PsycCritiques: Contemporary Psychology-APA Review of Books, 88.

Guido, J.J. (2012). Peace comes dropping slow. [Review of the video, Assessment and treatment of bipolar disorder]. PsycCritiques: Contemporary Psychology-APA Review of Books, 57.  

Guido, J.J. (2011). Lifelines in a time of crisis. [Review of the book, Preventing patient suicide: Clinical assessment and management]. PsychCritiques- Community Psychology: APA Review of Books, 56 (7).

Guido, J.J. (2011). Winter’s grace. Providence College Magazine, p.47-48.

Guido, J.J., Keating, J., Mulderry, D. (2010). Faculty Roundtable Discussion on the Sexual Abuse

Crisis in the Church. Center for Catholic and Dominican Studies. Sponsored by the Departments of Philosophy and Theology, the Development of Western Civilization program, and the Office of Mission and Ministry.

Guido, J.J. (2010). The string of an empathic relationship. [Review of the book, Clinical Pearls of Wisdom: 21 Leading Therapists Share Their Key Insights]. PsychCritiques- Community Psychology: APA Review of Books, 55 (39).

Guido, J.J. (2009). A unique betrayal: Clergy sexual abuse in the context of the Catholic religious tradition. In R. McMackin, P. Kline, & T. Keane (Eds.),Understanding the Impact of Clergy Sexual Abuse. New York: Routledge.

Guido, J.J. (2009). In the wake of Virginia Tech. [Review of the book, Understanding and Preventing Campus Violence]. PsycCritiques: APA Review of Books, 54 (11).

Guido, J.J. (2008). More of less human: A dimensional model of personality disorders? [Review of the book Personality Disorders: Toward DSM-V]. PsycCritiques: APA Review of Books., 53 (2).

Guido, J.J. (2008). A unique betrayal: Clergy sexual abuse in the context of the Catholic religious tradition. Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, 17 (3/4), 255-269.

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