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Master of Education in Literacy

The Graduate Studies Program in Education offers courses of study leading to a master’s degree in education (M.Ed.) in the areas of secondary or elementary school administration, counseling, literacy, secondary education (Providence Alliance for Catholic Teachers- PACT), and special education.

Program Overview/Course Sequence

The Master’s in Literacy Program at Providence College consists of 36 credits of coursework and a portfolio requirement. The program has been designed so students can complete all of the requirements over the course of three or four academic years, though candidates may take up to 5 years to earn their degree.  Courses have been designed around the 2010 IRA Standards for Reading Professionals. By addressing these standards through course projects and class discussions, candidates have an opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions of a literacy specialist, including the leadership skills necessary to organize and support school-wide literacy programs.

To earn a degree, candidates are required to maintain a “B” average in all course work and develop a portfolio that demonstrates mastery of current IRA Standards for Reading Professionals.  Since this program qualifies candidates for certification as a literacy specialist in grades K – 12, candidates are expected to complete field experiences with primary, intermediate, and middle/secondary grade students.  Successful completion of the program qualifies candidates for a M.Ed. degree and fulfills all of the requirements of a Reading Specialist/Consultant certificate in Rhode Island.  Candidates who have successfully completed the literacy program at Providence College and who have three years of teaching experience may apply to the Rhode Island Department of Education for certification as a literacy specialist.   

The following courses are required in the master's program in literacy:

This is the order in which the course strands must be taken.

          Strand I: Developing Core Knowledge

            EDU765: Models and Processes of Literacy
            EDU763: Research in Literacy

         Strand II: Applying Core Knowledge to K-12 Learners 
           EDU767: Children’s & Adolescent Literature
           EDU851: Teaching Writing K-12
           EDU830: Best Practice Primary Grades
           EDU840: Best Practice Intermediate Grades
         *EDU832: Best Practice Middle / Secondary Schools
        **EDU835: Seminar in Meeting the Demands of the At-risk  Learner

          Strand III: Developing Leadership through Internship

             EDU836: Literacy Clinic
             EDU842: The Literacy Coach    
             EDU837: Organization and Supervision

            *Pre-requisites EDU830, EDU840
          **EDU835 is intended to provide a culminating experience for Strand II.

Consult program handbook for additional information.

2014-2016 Literacy Handbook

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