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Mary Bellhouse


Contact Information:
Howley Hall 317


Ph.D. - State University of New York, Buffalo

Area(s) of Expertise:

Political Theory, Politics and Culture, Visual Studies, Feminist Theory

Selected Publications:

Bellhouse, Mary. (2006). Candide Shoots the Monkey Lovers: Representing Black Men in Eighteenth-Century French Visual Culture. Political Theory, 34 (6), 741-784.

Bellhouse, Mary. (1999). Crimes and Pardons: Bourgeois Justice, Gendered Virtue, and the Criminalized Other in Eighteenth-Century France. SIGNS: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, 24 (4), 959-1010.

Bellhouse, Mary. (1997). Erotic ‘Remedy’ Prints and the Fall of the Aristocracy in Eighteenth-Century France. Political Theory, 25 (5), 680-715.

Bellhouse, Mary. (1993). Rousseau Under Surveillance: Thoughts on a New Edition and Translation of Rousseau, Judge of Jean-Jacques: Dialogues. Interpretation: A Journal of Political Philosophy, 21 (2), 169-179.

Bellhouse, Mary. (1992). Domination and Seduction: Richardson's Pamela, Montesquieu's Persian Letters, and Three Ancien Régime Fashion Prints. Reading Political Stories: Representations in Novels and Pictures, Eds. Maureen Whitebrook. Rowman & Littlefield., 73-96.

Recent Presentations:

Bellhouse, Mary., Feminist Theory Pre-Conference/Western Political Science Association, Seattle, WA, "Paper: Analyzing Visual Materials: Painting, Photographs, Political Cartoons…". April, 2014.

Bellhouse, Mary., Western Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Hollywood, CA, "Analyzing Visual Materials". March, 2013.

Bellhouse, Mary., American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA, "Panel Chair: Genre in/as Political Theory; Panel Chair: The Voice and Language of Radical Democracy, Discussion Leader: Analyzing Visual Materials". August, 2011.

Bellhouse, Mary., Western Political Science Association Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX, "Paper Presented: "Under the Eaves of the Louvre: Political Theory Research in American and European Art Museums, Art Collections, and Art Libraries; Session/Panel: Political Theorizing in the Archives"". April, 2011.

Bellhouse, Mary., American Political Science Association Annual Meeting, Washington, DC, "Panel Chair: Sovereignty and Biopolitics". August, 2010.

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