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Center for Mindfulness and Well-being

Location: Lower Davis Lounge
(Across from Sandella's cafe)

Equipment:  The room has lounge seating for 9.  There is a conference table with seating for 8.  The room is equipped with a flatscreen tv, laptop and audio hook-up.  In addition, there are yoga mats, blocks and straps for a class of up to 20.

Reservations: Please contact Donna Marcone at the Personal Counseling Center or on 25Live to reserve the Center for your Mindful/Well-being program, meeting or event.
Phone: (401) 865-2343

​Center for Mindfulness and Well-Being

The Center is a space for the Providence College community of students, faculty and staff to reconnect in body, mind and spirit.  The intention is to foster a greater sense of mindfulness in one’s everyday life.  One can become overwhelmed and stressed, caught in cycles of negative or draining thoughts about the past and future.  People often try to manage this stress by engaging in unhealthy habits or destructive behaviors that tend to cause even greater unease in life.  Mindfulness is the practice of bringing one’s attention in a focused manner to the present moment with a sense of curiosity and non-judgment (Kabat-Zinn, 1990).  This practice is proven to reduce stress and cultivate greater well-being (see  In this spirit, the Personal Counseling Center, Student Health and the Department of Recreational Sports have come together to provide a peaceful space in which to offer integrated wellness programming that inspires human flourishing – a deep connection within one’s self and to the community.


Student-led Group:  Mindfulness

Description – In these weekly sessions, we try to come out of our daily hectic schedules and try to relax. Essentially, we just give an hour in the week to ourselves that is very important for good physical and mental health. By looking at various aspects of the inner self (via meditation and self-reflection) and of the outer world (via TED talks and discussion), we try to be more aware of how the society works and we try to integrate ourselves better into the society. The aim of the sessions is to become individuals who can handle both everyday situations and emergencies alike with a sense of calmness and mindfulness.  

Activities we do in the sessions – A little bit of yoga, various methods of meditation, watch inspiring videos on the web such as TED talks and have discussions on them during the sessions. Eventually, we hope to have other activities where we could go off-campus, for example to a Buddhist temple, natural settings for outdoor retreat, or see a special speaker.  

When and where – Every Saturday at 4 pm in lower Davis (opposite of Friarbuyer/Sandella’s cafe).  All are welcome.   

Whom to contact – Satyam Khanal, Class of 2016 ( Or stop in on Saturday. 


You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.
– Henry David Thoreau

Catholic and Dominican

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