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Rubbish & Recycling Collection

NOTE: If you do not know the regular pick up day for your street or have any questions regarding trash collections, please call the Dept. of Public Works at 467-7950. Recycling bins and trash are collected on same day, though by separate trucks.

FOR RECYCLING INFORMATION visit the RI Resource Recovery Corporation website


The City of Providence requests all residents comply with the following regulations:

  • All toxic materials will not be picked up. Please call 1-800-253-2674 for all disposal locations.
  • Put your trash out after dark on the night before pick up and bring in the empty containers as soon as possible.
  • Put your trash in the covered containers and tie up bundles. Trash bags are not replacements for trash containers. They can break apart or be torn open by animals.
  • Newspapers should be tied securely or placed in plastic bags and/or plastic or metal containers.
  • Wood, branches, or brush must be cut into lengths no longer than five feet and tied in neat piles that can be handled by one person; smaller trimmings should be placed in a plastic bag or in a rubbish container.
  • Leaves must be placed in bags or plastic/metal containers.
  • Broken glass or sharp objects must be placed in plastic or metal containers.
  • Small furniture (chairs, tables, etc.) must be neatly placed on curbside.

It is your responsibility to clean up trash spills on the street or sidewalk.


Large appliances (stoves, refrigerators, washers, dryers, couches, etc.) must be placed on curbside. It is requested that you place no more than one or two of these items per week. Plaster, dirt, and similar debris must be placed in either a sturdy plastic or metal container, provided they do not weigh over 75 lbs. or can be lifted by one individual.

Landlords must provide trash containers for any structure of four units or more.

Keep your dog at home on a leash, especially the night before any trash day. Dogs knock over cans, rip open bags, and generally make an awful mess.

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