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Personal Safety


  • Do not go out walking or jogging alone after dark. Ask a friend or a group of friends to accompany you.
  • Make arrangements to get a ride from a friend, take the PC shuttle bus, or use public transportation. Wait for the ride with a friend.
  • Take main streets. Avoid shortcuts and dark or isolated spots.
  • Walk in the middle of the sidewalk to avoid accessibility of cars pulling up or people hiding in parked cars, doorways, or bushes.
  • Ignore strangers who may call out to you, whether they are on foot or in a car.
  • Look alert while walking ready to exit if trouble develops. Be aware of your body language. Look strong and aggressive. Walk confidently and briskly.
  • Don't ever hitchhike no matter what time of day.
  • If you must walk in an unfamiliar neighborhood, try to plan your route in advance.
  • If you feel as though you're in danger of being followed by someone on foot, cross the street, change direction, vary your pace.
    Don't be afraid to knock on a door or enter a lighted store and call police.
  • If someone in a car follows you, turn around and walk the other way, or go up a one-way street. If he persists, record the license number and call the police.


  • Always keep exterior as well as interior doors locked.
  • Never leave apartment doors propped open for friends.
  • Always keep apartment/basement doors and windows locked, even when taking a short nap or if alone.
  • Never leave keys for roommates outside of apartment.
  • Leave a radio and light on when you go out, so that people will think that someone is home.
  • During vacation, remove stereos, televisions, computers, and all valuables from residence.
  • Use an electrical timer for a lamp to be lit when the apartment is vacant.
  • Never let anyone into the apartment before finding out who it is.
  • Use the PC shuttle bus when leaving the library/campus at night
  • At night, have your keys ready before you get to your door.
  • Get to know the students and neighbors in your building and become acquainted with their schedule of being home.
  • Encourage your landlord to provide lighting in the entrance to your apartment/stairway/driveway.
  • If you receive obscene phone calls, hang up and call the police.
  • Notify the police if any unfamiliar person is hanging around your building.
  • Pull down window shades at night.
Catholic and Dominican

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