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First Summer Scholars to Research Philosophy, Music, Mathematics​

Providence, R.I. — Three faculty members have been named Providence College’s first Arts and Sciences Summer Scholars.

Open to faculty within the School of Arts & Sciences, the newly established Summer Scholar program aims to support faculty research efforts during the summer months. 

“Since all faculty must excel in teaching, scholarship, and service to achieve tenure and promotion here, it seemed appropriate to create a program through which faculty could receive support to dedicate themselves more fully to scholarly work over a particular time period, namely, the summer,” said Dr. Sheila A. Liotta, dean of the School of Arts & Sciences. 

• Dr. Edmund Dain (pictured left), assistant professor of philosophy, will work on his book, The Wittgenstein Dictionary, along with articles on related material about Wittgenstein’s early philosophy in his book, Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus.

Continuing with his interests stemming from his doctoral thesis, Dain said he is hoping to teach a course on Wittgenstein’s philosophy in the future, so that he could work through this material in detail with students.

• Dr. Sang Woo Kang (pictured right), assistant professor of music, will research, perform, and record the music of Johann Nepomuk Hummel, a pianist and composer who gained fame during the late Classical and early Romantic period.

Kang said funding will allow him to “prepare for the recording through perfection of the music through intense practice, and through the research of all the historical, sociological, theoretical, and philosophical elements of Hummel’s music.”

• Dr. Su-Jeong Kang (pictured left), assistant professor of mathematics, will expand her research published last year and continue to study various cohomology theory, including Kahler-de Rham and smooth cohomology. A cohmology is an algebraic structure that helps mathematicians study a particular space.

Kang said this is an “important problem in complex algebraic geometry and studying this topic would be an excellent opportunity for students to learn about the most beautiful area in mathematics.”

— Genevieve Marie Ilg ‘14


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