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Megan Gorman '14 (Fairfield, Conn.) watches Lino Rulli as Sean Murphy '14
(Rochester, N.Y.) looks on. Below left, Rulli jokes with College
Chaplain Rev. James Cuddy, O.P. '98.

Students join Lino Rulli’s ‘Catholic Guy’ radio show live from PC

Lino Rulli, wearing a gray Providence Friars T-shirt, stood in the overlook lounge of the Slavin Center on a frigid January afternoon. The windows before him looked out on a snow-covered campus. The red sun was sinking behind Harkins Hall.

It was time for The Catholic Guy to begin his live broadcast on SiriusXM satellite radio.

Rulli’s co-host, Providence College Chaplain Rev. James Cuddy, O.P. ’98, explained the show’s rules to the student guests. They would play a radio version of The Dating Game. Father Cuddy and Rulli proposed questions with a Catholic spin: “Who’s your favorite saint and why?” “Name your favorite hymn and sing it for us.”

Elizabeth Schick ’16 (Stamford, Conn.), a marketing major, watched from a nearby couch. She has her own show on the student radio station, WDOM.

“I’ve come to see what it’s all about being in radio professionally,” said Schick.

When Rulli decided last year to take The Catholic Guy on the road, he reached out to Father Cuddy. The two had met about seven years before when Father Cuddy was assigned to work on a radio show in New York for the Dominican Province of St. Joseph, the order that founded and staffs PC.

Rulli traveled to Germany, Minnesota, and Ghana before bringing his show to Providence, where he spent four days observing classes, attending a basketball game, and broadcasting.

“It’s been great, though I’m a little disappointed the students haven’t invited me to any house parties or raves,” said Rulli.

“What does Father Cuddy Know?”

Joseph Bettinelli ’17 (Canton, Mass.) sat in a chair with his laptop. He had been a guest on The Catholic Guy the day before, when, after introductions and some free talk, he played a quiz game called “What Does Father Cuddy Know?”

“I felt comfortable. It was a blast,” said Bettinelli. “When I was on, I wasn’t even thinking about being live on a radio show with a 300,000-person audience." 

Angelo Marciano '15 (Lattingtown, N.Y.), sports director for WDOM and a health policy and management major, said participating in the program “was a great experience for a PC student with dreams of working in the radio world."

“I thought Mr. Rulli did a fantastic job discussing hard-pressing Catholic topics such as confession and cheating while mixing it in with a comedic tone and atmosphere,” said Marciano. “The Catholic Guy opened my eyes to the world of radio that isn’t about sports and news, but can branch out to a broad array of topics.”

Rulli also shared techniques and skills with him afterward, Marciano said.

The Dating Game

For Nicole Mazza ’14 (Cumberland, R.I.), a creative writing major, “the funniest part of Rulli’s show by far” proved to be The Dating Game segment.

Grace Curley ’14 (Milton, Mass.), a theatre major who also has a show on WDOM, asked three contestants questions by telephone before selecting the winner: Andrew Butler ’16 (Riverside, R.I.), a humanities major and classics minor.

“Andrew won Grace’s heart by singing his favorite Catholic hymn to her live on the radio,” said Mazza — and in Latin, no less. 

Butler sang Adoro Te Devote, a hymn to Christ in the Blessed Sacrament written by St. Thomas Aquinas. He then joined Curley for a 45-minute date downstairs in the food court at Alumni Hall. Then they reported back to the show on how it went. 

“I think Grace and I were able to connect because of our common interest in theatre,” said Butler. “I thought the fact that I write children’s music might woo her to go on a second date, but we decided to just be friends.”

Being on Rulli's show was a great experience, Curley said. 

“Lino has great comedic timing,” said Curley. “It was sometimes hard to be on air because I’d start laughing so much. Father Cuddy was an excellent co-host. The two were so in sync with jokes and timing. I am so happy I was able to see a professional in action and take part in the broadcast.”

Rulli left PC bound for Arizona, but podcasts of his Providence shows can be heard at

— Vicki-Ann Downing

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