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​Jane Lunin Perel, Father Brian J. Shanley, Dr. A.

Cemal Ekin, Dr. Helen M. Caldwell, Dr. Richard B.

Goldstein, Dr. Jeffrey T. Hoag [back], Dr. Francine

Newth, Dr. Mary Anne Sedney, Father Mark Nowel,

and Sr. Gail Himrod pose at the dinner.

Longtime Faculty Recognized for Service

Providence, R.I. — Eleven faculty members, who have taught at Providence College for a total of 340 years, were honored for their service during a Faculty Service Recognition Dinner held on campus.

Sponsored by the Office of Academic Affairs, the annual event pays tribute to faculty members who have taught at PC for at least 25 years and every five years after that.

College President Rev. Brian J. Shanley, O.P. ’80 and Dr. Hugh F. Lena, provost and senior vice president for academic affairs, offered their thanks at the event. Honored faculty members were presented a certificate of appreciation and a gift card.

The academic disciplines represented by the faculty members were accountancy, biology, economics, English, marketing, mathematics, music, and psychology.

The longest-serving faculty members honored were Dr. Richard B. Goldstein, professor of mathematics, and Jane Lunin Perel, professor of English. Each has taught at the College for 40 years.

The faculty members honored and their lengths of service are:

  • Dr. Helen M. Caldwell, assistant professor of marketing, 30 years;
  • Dr. A. Cemal Ekin, professor of marketing, 35 years;
  • Dr. Richard B. Goldstein, professor of mathematics, 40 years;
  • Sister Gail P. Himrod, O.P., associate professor of music, 35 years;
  • Dr. Jeffrey T. Hoag, associate professor of mathematics, 25 years;
  • Ann Galligan Kelley '78, professor of accountancy, 25 years;
  • Dr. MaryJane Lenon, associate professor of economics, 25 years;
  • Dr. Francine Newth, associate professor of management, 25 years;
  • Rev. Mark D. Nowel, O.P., associate professor of biology, 25 years;
  • Jane Lunin Perel, professor of English, 40 years; and
  • Dr. Mary Anne Sedney, professor of psychology, 35 years.


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