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Professors Lead Multimedia Collaboration in Thailand


Providence, R.I.--Providence College’s Dr.Sang Woo Kang, assistant professor of music, and Eric Sung, assistant professor of photography, recently journeyed to Thailand to perform a collaborative research project on visual imaging and classical music performance. 

Kang and Sung received partial funding for their collaboration from the College’s Committee on Aid to Faculty Research. Their project goal was to integrate different art forms through collaborative research by combining visual images with live classical music.

Coming from a musical background, Kang was interested in new ways to engage the audience through different art genres. Coincidentally, Sung previously had collaborated with other music groups, such as George Crumb’s Black Angels and live string groups, by combining visual art with live performances. 

“We wanted to explore how visual art and audio can come together to create something unique and innovative,” said Kang. “In addition, we wanted to educate others on how visual and audio can be melded into something engaging and exciting.”

Though the combination of visual imagery and live music performance is not new within live rock ‘n’ roll and pop performances, Sung transcended musical genres by utilizing classical music during the visual presentation.

The pair traveled to Chulalongkorn University in Thailand to showcase their research findings in a lecture and live concert setting. Kang performed Franz Liszt’s La Leggiereza Concert Etude No. 2, alongside Sung’s visual work.

The pair spent much of their time lecturing on new advancements that will enhance the live concert experience, as well as music groups that already bolster their performances with visual art aids.

“We found the audience very receptive and enthusiastic about our project, and we definitely want to explore this topic more in-depth in the future, whether it be through research or performance collaborations,” said Kang.

“We originally wanted to share our findings through this creative collaboration in a lecture recital in Thailand, where there had previously been little exposure to such methods. With what we have learned from this project and presentation, we now hope to offer a workshop at PC in the future,” added Sung.

  --Robbie Smith-MacDonald ’12


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