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Above: Raul Fonts, dean of admission, addresses the audience.
Below: Don Annicelli ’81 and his daughter, Devon ’14 describe their

Alumni and their children learn on Legacy Admission Day

Prospective Friars recently received the Providence College experience alongside some older “students” — their parents.

Alumni and their families filled the Ruane Center for the Humanities’ Great Room on Legacy Admission Information Day to consider futures at PC. The event is an opportunity for the children of PC graduates to learn more about the college application process and the benefits of attending PC.

The day began with opening remarks from Robert Ferreira ’83, assistant vice president for alumni relations, who was followed by Raul Fonts, dean of admission. Fonts gave a presentation on applying to college, and applying to PC specifically.  Fonts himself has a son who is a senior in high school, so he related the application process on a professional and personal level.

Students who attended the event were mainly juniors and seniors in high school. Fonts gave advice on transcripts and curriculums, college essays, student involvement, and letters of recommendation.

After describing how to apply to PC, Fonts addressed the question of why.

“Consider PC not just because your parent came here, but because of the opportunities you have here,” he said. “There are some tremendous programs and faculty here. We really care about our students.”

In addition, Sandra J. Oliveira, executive director of financial aid, broke down the process of applying for financial aid.

Don Annicelli ’81 and his daughter, Devon ’14 (East Greenwich, R.I.), told the crowd about the dynamics of being a legacy family. Don Annicelli and his wife, Donna Duffy Annicelli ’80, went to PC, and their two daughters, Lauren ’09 and Devon, followed in their footsteps.

“My daughters heard so many stories from me and my wife I thought they wouldn’t want to go,” he said. “But the thing is, they were all good stories.”

“I was afraid they wouldn’t like it, but where our family left off the PC family picked up and embraced them,” he added. “And although the physical nature of the campus is changing, the essence, heart, spirit, and soul of PC is still the same.”

Devon Annicelli, who is involved with the Student Alumni Association, Habitat for Humanity, WDOM, and the Office of Residence Life as a resident assistant, described her experience as a legacy child.

“I had a fear of following in their shadow, but I saw how different their paths were,” she said. “My involvements at PC helped me become who I am, and PC helped my family become the community that it is.”

“Though everyone in my immediate family has come to PC,” she added, “we paved our own paths and created our own legacies that we can share with each other for the rest of our lives.”

Dennis Toomey ’88, who went to legacy information day with his wife, Wendy, and daughter, Kristin, a senior in high school, said he appreciated the guidance on navigating the financial aid process and the overview of resources available to those applying.

The event would be especially valuable for the parents of younger students planning on applying to college in the future, Toomey said. Fonts’ advice to work hard and take the right courses “was really a great message to be heard by sophomores and juniors,” he said.

“As alumni, we were very glad to have attended,” he said. “It was very informative.”


— Nick Tavares ’16

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