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 Project Overview

​As part of the Campus Transformation project, Huxley Avenue was closed to vehicular traffic on 5/18/2016.  A new gate entrance has been moved to the northern end of Huxley Avenue while the southern end is prepared for its transition to new pedestrian walkways.

 Huxley Avenue Transformation


8/17/2017 - Huxley Avenue Campus Transformation Phase B
​​Looking eastward, the new walks down toward Glay Field, Bedford, and Davis now offer some great views of the downtown skyline and Friars softball field.  


​​Boulder walls and new stairs now break up the Guzman hill.


7/21/2017 - ​​​The granite veneer install on the overlook has begun.​ Workers are putting on the granite veneer to the back radial walls of the overlook. 



​07/13/2017 - ​​​Foundations for the Overlook have been poured and are awaiting finish work.​


​7/10/2017 - Huxley Transformation Phase B


​6/9/2017 - Huxley Transformation Phase B

The granite veneer has begun to be installed along the radial walls at the Huxley/Eaton intersection.  Seat wall foundations have been poured around Glay Field.  This will be a great place to sit and watch the Friars.


Looking north between Guzman and Glay Field the old Huxley Ave is no longer recognizable.  The old Guzman hill is no longer. Looking forward to an improved walk up hill come September​​​​.


​​5/11/2017 - Huxley Transformation Phase B

​The bank from the new stone wall east toward Glay Field and the Parking lot is almost ready for landscaping. Both of the pedestrian gate side walls have been poured, along with the center wall.  They will be finished with a granite veneer.


​5/3/2017 - Construction continues on the new stone wall along the softball field. They are nearing the end of this long serpentine wall. A little further down they are working to connect drainage pipes to the existing catch basin. The stairs from Glay Parking have also been graded. Soon this whole bank will be ready for landscaping!


4/12/2017 - Picture 1 - The use of recycled material continues to be of high importance at PC.  Here boulders that once lined Huxley Avenue and Glay Field as part of the large rock wall are being reused as foundations for the new stone walls being constructed in Picture 2. 



4/5/2017 - Workers begin the break down of existing stone walls at the southern end of Huxley Avenue along Eaton Street.  Stone that can be salvaged from this demolition, will be saved for use during Phase 2.


11/14/2016 - New bioretention system and pathways to east campus are now complete as  part of the Huxley A​venue closure.



8/23/16 - New guard house in place in the circle.

Ryan Center Interior Shot 6 Ryan Center Interior Shot 7

Granite pavers fill the outer ring of the roundabout circle, and behind the serpentine wall nears completion.

Ryan Center Interior Shot 8

​A Bioretention system is being constructed that will collect rain water from upper campus. The plantings will be placed  similar to the bioretention systems at Slavin Lawn and the Ruane Center.


​8/24/2016 - Road heading down to the Arthur & Patricia Ryan Center for Business Studies and new traffic turnaround.  This road will have cobblestone divider where buses will pickup students going to and from the campus.  Anderson Stadium south parking lot will accommodate 30 vehicles.


8/2/2016 - Shepherd hook site lighting for new pathways are on campus for installation.


​​4/7/2016 -The Huxley Avenue utility relocation project is underway. Workers are digging a trench to relocate new pipe to cross Huxley.
Huxley Utility Work