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              The Office of Institutional Advancement's St. Dominic Weekend Mass, Saturday, October 13, 2012, 4:30 p.m., in St. Dominic Chapel.

The Principal Celebrant is Fr. Brian J. Shanley, O.P. '80, Twelfth President of Providence College.  In the center is Fr. Brian M. Mulcahy, O.P., Prior Provincial of the Eastern Dominican Province of St. Joseph and Chair of the Corporation of Providence College.

From the left, the Dominican Concelebrants are Fr. R. Gabriel Pivarnik, O.P., Assistant Professor of Theology, Director of the Center for Catholic and Dominican Studies, and now Vice President for Mission and Ministry; Fr. M. James Cuddy, O.P. '98, College Chaplain; Fr. Thomas J. Ertle, O.P. '51, Assistant College Chaplain; Fr. Kenneth Sicard, O.P. '78, Executive Vice President and Treasurer; Fr. Augustine M. Reisenauer, O.P., Special Lecturer in Theology; Fr. Justin M. Brophy, O.P., Assistant College Chaplain; Fr. Thomas P. McCreesh, O.P. '65, Associate Professor of Theology; Fr. J. Stuart McPhail, O.P. '61, former Vice President for Student Services and now Associate Alumni Chaplain; Fr. Edward T. Myers, O.P. '58, Prior of the Dominican Community; Fr. James F. Quigley, O.P. '60, former Executive Vice President and former Associate Alumni Chaplain; and Fr. Joseph J. Guido, O.P., Assistant Professor of Psychology, Counseling Psychologist in the Personal Counseling Center, and former Vice President for Mission and Ministry.




Chaplaincy to the National Alumni Association

Members of the Office of Mission and Ministry, the two Dominican Chaplains to the National Alumni Association, Fr. John S. Peterson, O.P. '57, and his Associate, Fr. J. Stuart McPhail, O.P. '61, have each spent the greater portion of their priestly lives and ministries at Providence College, Fr. Peterson in the Treasurer's Office, Financial Aid, Admissions, and Alumni Relations, and Fr. McPhail, in Student Services (for eighteen years as Vice President), and now Alumni Relations.
During their student years, thousands and thousands of current PC alumni and alumnae crossed paths with Fr. Peterson and Fr. McPhail and continue to do so. The Alumni Chaplains reach out to the College's alums, particularly in times of sickness and bereavement, and establish programs of faith formation and spiritual development for alums through area alumni clubs and online.


Pictured above on the left is Kelli O'Donohue '11, one of the lectors for the October 13, 2012, St. Dominic Weekend Mass, while in the right photo, out on the Chapel Plaza foll0wing the Mass, Fr. J. Stuart McPhail, O.P. '61, former Vice President for Student Services and now Associate Alumni Chaplain, "looks up to" Matthew Weber '06, the speaker at the Evening of Appreciation dinner at the Rhode Island Convention Center in downtown Providence.
Catholic and Dominican

What does it mean to be a Catholic and Dominican college? We invite you to explore this question and the distinctive mission of Providence College.
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