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In a repeat from 2015, Providence College History Professor Paul O' Malley discusses the significance of St. Patrick's Day and its traditions.
Dr. Williams' research on predatory bacteria may some day be a major medical breakthrough when a patient's resistance to antibiotics threatens their well-being.
Dr. Olszewski has taken a look at the history of the relationship between diet and heart disease. Stretching back to the 1950's, he discusses some of the internal debates in the medical community, which ultimately changed the way that most people eat.
Howard Bozigian, practitioner in marketing at PC, explains his work at Hasbro. He is featured on the Netflix series "The Toys That Made Us" explaining the revival of G.I. Joe.
PC was recently ranked 10th in the United States for semester-long study abroad in the category of Master’s Colleges and Universities. The designation was released in the annual “Open Doors” report conducted by the Institute of International Education and covers the 2015-16 academic year, the latest year reported. Adrian Beaulieu, dean of international studies talks about the program.
Established at Providence College in 2001, the PACT Program is a unique teacher education program that invites recent graduates to contribute two years of service as teachers in Catholic schools in New England.  Brother Patrick Carey, director of PACT, explains the program in more detail.
For the first time, PC will be sponsoring a week of events to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Ralph Tavares, assistant dean and the Director of Multicultural Student Success, explains.
There is a new business analytics graduate certificate program beginning this month in the School of Business. Assistant professor, Dr. Jonathan Jackson, explains why this might be a good option for those already in the job force.
In an encore edition of "Hot Topics," Fr. Peter Martyr Yungwirth, O.P., Chaplain, Providence College, talks about the importance of the Christmas holiday, and the true meaning of this very special time of year.
“Antoine Frederic Ozanam,” a biography by Dr. Ray Sickinger, tells the story of the man who founded the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. Dr. Sickinger speaks briefly, here, about the man who worked among the less privileged.
Dr. Sylvia Maxfield, dean of the School of Business, shares her thoughts on President Trump's recent appointment to the Federal Reserve.
From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, Dr. Helen Caldwell talks about the changing retail industry and what that means for consumers.
From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, Dr. Helen Caldwell talks about the changing retail industry and what that means for consumers.
Research being done here at Providence College may someday help scientists unlock the cause of Alzheimer's and related diseases. Dr. Victoria Templer explains how she and her students analyze the actions of rats in the laboratory.
Women in Saudi Arabia will soon be allowed to drive. Dr. Abigail Brooks discusses how this not only affects women's rights, but possibly the entire country and its economy.
President Trump has released his proposal for tax reforms. Dr. Julia Camp, assistant professor of accountancy, discusses how these changes might affect the economy.
There will be open forums held across RI, and residents are being asked their thoughts on the proposed new stadium in Pawtucket. Dr. Leo Kahane shares his thoughts.
The General Assembly is asking the public to weigh in on the proposed Pawsox stadium in Pawtucket. Dr. Leo Kahane of the economics department offers his opinion.
How can one be a Christian and a philosopher at the same time? Philosophy professor Vance Morgan strives to answer that question in his new book, "Freelance Christianity:.
Victory Day is celebrated only in Rhode Island. Dr. Ray Sickinger talks about the evolution of the day, and how its meaning has changed over the years.
We haven't had a very hot summer, but that doesn't mean the sun can't harm your skin. Dr. Yinsheng Wan, a biology professor, has done extensive work around the use of sunscreen and skin cancer.
As Congress works to agree on a plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, thousands of people wait to find out if they will continue to have coverage. Dr. Hackey talks about potential impacts.
Dr. Brooks has written "The Ways Women Age," a look at how American women are being bombarded by advertising and 'promises of youth.' Why is that, and what does that say, in general, about our society.
Learn about the history of Providence College before the beginning. Dr. Richard Grace explains.
​Bitcoins are a virtual currency that has been around for over 10 years. But why aren't they in a larger circulation, and just who is using them? Dr. Dan Horne explains.
RI voters missed a big opportunity to change the balance of government during the last election. Many voted for Trump, but neglected to follow through voting the Republican ticket which may have changed some seats in the General Assembly.​
The death of Fidel Castro may have ramifications for both Cuba and the United States. Prof. Monica Simal talks about life in Cuba, and what may happen under a new US president.
No one is quite sure what President-Elect Trump may be planning for the Affordable Care Act, and how that might impact the thousands of people who are currently covered by the plan. As a health policy authority, Providence College Professor Dr. Robert Hackey is a recognized leader on the Affordable Care Act.
Lt. Col. Christopher Wingate, professor of Military Science, talks about the importance of Veteran's Day, and why we should never forget those who have served our country.
Election Day brings with it a number of referenda that are of importance locally. Question 1 on the RI ballot asks voters to approve a new casino in Tiverton. Providence College accountancy professor Pat Kelly explains the referendum, and how a "yes” vote may impact Rhode Islanders.
The movie, “The Birth of a Nation” premieres on Friday, October 7. It tells the story of Nat Turner, a literate slave and preacher in the antebellum South, who orchestrates an uprising. Providence College Professor of History Dr. Patrick Breen talks about his book “The Land Shall Be Deluged in Blood: A New History of the Nat Turner Revolt" to compare fact vs. fiction.​
Last night presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump participated in the first of three presidential debates. Providence College Professor of Political Science Dr. Adam Myers analyzes how they did and what happens next.​
​Hillary Clinton may be the first woman nominated for U.S. president by a major political party but she isn’t the first woman to run for president. Providence College Professor of Art History and Women’s Studies Dr. Deborah Johnson reviews how the female candidates of the past have brought us to this point in history.
Fifty percent of college students report daytime sleepiness and another 20 percent report that a lack of sleep affects their academic performance. Providence College Student Health Center Physician Dr. Suzanne Bornschein explores why sleep should be a high priority for today’s college student.​
The gap between the wealthiest and everyone else today has grown so large that economic experts around the world have listed this issue as one of the main concerns facing the global economy. Providence College Professor of Finance Dr. David Zalewski looks at what our next president will have to do to try and balance things out.
Providence College marks the official opening of its Centennial year with an Academic Convocation celebration on August 31, 2016. Providence College’s Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Hugh F. Lena breaks down the day which will include an address by keynote speaker Nicholas Kristof, Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times op-ed columnist.​
Class of 2020 freshmen arrive on the Providence College campus this Thursday, August 25. PC Experts “spoke” with a Friartown pro who shared tips every Friar should know.
A report by Providence College Assistant Professor of Marketing Kevin Newman, shows that honking taxi horns and crowded sidewalks are where some people find their zen. His study pits nature against neurotics and shows that high-anxiety situations are actually calming for certain people.​​​
The Affordable Care Act changed the US healthcare system when President Obama signed it into law in March 2010. Providence College Professor of Health Policy and Management Dr. Robert Hackey recently completed a study that ranks all 50 states using a report card that focuses on the performance of the health insurance marketplaces.​ How Rhode Island and the other states did can be found here:
The Rio Summer Olympics starts Friday night, August 5, 2016 with opening ceremony festivities. Providence College Michael A. Ruane Distinguished Chair in Economics Dr. Leo Kahane says that from an economics perspective being a host city can be anything but a gold medal experience.​​​
What happened at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) wrapped up its call to unity last night in Philadelphia, PA. Balloons dropped, people cheered and cried as the first woman of a major political party accepted their nomination for President of the United States. Providence College Professor and Political Science Chai​​r Dr. Will​iam Hudson recaps the last four days and examines how Hillary Clinton did on her historic night.
The Republican National Convention (RNC) wrapped up last night to cheers and hundreds of red, white and blue balloons falling from the ceiling. Providence College Associate Professor of Political Science Joe Cammarano gives us an overview of the past four nights and how Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump fared at the convention.​
The Democratic National Convention (DNC) starts Monday, July 25. During its four-day meeting its members will nominate their candidate for President of the United States, just as the Republicans are doing this week. Before the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, PA, kicks off its festivities Providence College Professor and Political Science Chair Dr. William Hudson examines who might become VP, what role Rhode Island might play, and what we can expect from the DNC as a whole.
The Republican National Convention (RNC) starts Monday, July 18. During its four-day meeting, its members will nominate their candidate for President of the United States. Before the 50,000 expected visitors descend on Cleveland, OH, Providence College Associate Professor of Political Science Joe Cammarano takes a look at what we can expect to happen at the RNC and just who might get the VP nod.​Friday, Sept. 30, and Saturday, Oct. 1, 2016
Britain’s vote to exit the European Union, now known as Brexit, leaves Europe and the rest of the world asking what’s next for it’s economy, businesses and residents. Providence College’s Dr. Toby Harper, assistant professor of history, takes a look at what the future could hold for this nation of more than 64 million people.​​
​When Microsoft bought LinkedIn in a massive $26.2 billion deal this June it merged, according to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, "the world’s leading professional cloud with the world’s leading professional network.” Providence College’s Adjunct Asst. Prof. Brian Lamoureux sorts out what that means to the 433 million users of this social media site.​
Dr. Angela Dills, Associate Professor of Economics, has co-authored a report that finds ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft lower the rate of fatal accidents, DUI arrests, disorderly conduct and assaults. The report says that the public safety benefits of ride-sharing services are also helping those demographics most likely to be involved in these potential traffic tragedies – Smartphone users aged 25 – 44 who are also Uber’s primary users.