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Hot Topic:
Can over-praising your child
lead to narcissism?


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Dr. Jennifer Van Reet is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Providence College. 


Boston Globe - Psychologists have long warned parents to deliver praise with caution. The right words can build children’s confidence and self-worth, while the wrong words — even when well intentioned — may do harm.

The latest support for this comes from research published last month in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The study found that children whose parents “overvalue” them — believing, for instance, they are extra special and deserving of special treatment — later score high in narcissism.

Dr. Jennifer Van Reet is an Associate Professor of Psychology at Providence and says there's a fine line between a child's self esteem and making him or her feel special. 

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Meet Our Expert:

Dr. Jennifer Van Reet,
associate professor of psychology;
Teaching at PC since 2008
  • Cognitive Development in Childhood
  • Development of Executive Function
  • Development of Pretend Play, Imagination, and Creativity Importance of Play
  • Development of Social Cognition
Selected Courses Taught:
  • Child Psychology
  • Experimental Child Psychology
  • The Psychology of Adolescence
  • Advanced Cognitive Development 

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