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Su-Jeong Kang


Associate Professor

Contact Information:
Howley Hall 214


Ph.D. - Purdue University

Area(s) of Expertise:

Algebraic Geometry

Awards and Honors:

Mentoring Travel Grant - AWM-NSF
Committee on Aid to Faculty Research Grant - Providence College
Summer Scholar Award - School of Arts and Sciences, Providence College
Purdue Reserach Foundation Grant - NSF/Purdue University
Nominee for the Purdue Graduate Award for Outstanding Teaching - Purdue University

Selected Publications:

Kang, Su-Jeong. (2016). Refined Motivic Dimension of Some Fermat Varieties. Bulletin of Australian Mathematical Society , Australian Mathematical Society. 93 (02), 223-230.

Kang, Su-Jeong. (2015). Refined Motivic Dimension. Canadian Mathematical Bulletin, 58 (3), 519-529.

Arapura, Donu., Chen, Xi., Kang, Su-Jeong. (2014). The smooth center of the cohomology of a singular variety. Contemporary Mathematics, American Mathematical Society. 608, 1 - 19.

Arapura, Donu., Kang, Su-Jeong. (2011). Kahler-de Rham Cohomology and Chern classes. Communications in Algebra, 39, 1153-1167.

Kang, Su-Jeong., Lewis, James. (2010). Beilinson's Hodge conjecture for K1 revisited. Cycles, Motives and Shimura Varieties, Mumbai: Tata Institute of fundamental research., 197-215.

Arapura, Donu., Kang, Su-Jeong. (2007). Functoriality of the Coniveau filtration. Canadian Mathematical Bulletin, 50 (2), 161-171.

Arapura, Donu., Kang, Su-Jeong. (2006). Coniveau and the Grothendieck group of varieties. Michigan Mathematical Journal, 54 (3), 611-622.

Recent Presentations:

Kang, Su-Jeong., Seminar Talk, Connecticut College, New London, CT, "De Rham Cohomology". October, 2013.

Kang, Su-Jeong., Colloquium, Central Connecticut State University, Central Connecticut State University, "Introduction to Hodge Theory". March, 2011.

Kang, Su-Jeong., Weekend workshop on algebraic varieties, Fields institute, University of Toronto, Canada, "Kahler-de Rham cohomology and Chern classes". November, 2010.

Kang, Su-Jeong., Weekend workshop on algebraic varieties, Fields institute, Toronto, Canada, "The Generalized Hodge conjecture and Calabi-Yau varieties". November, 2008.

Kang, Su-Jeong., Workshop of Motives III, JSPS, University of Tokyo, Japan, "On the Generalized Hodge Conjecture". July, 2007.

Kang, Su-Jeong., Arapura, Donu., Americal Mathematical Society sectional meeting, Americal Mathematical Society, University of Notre Dame, IN, "Coniveau and the Grothendieck group of varieties". April, 2006.

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