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Jeffrey Hoag


Associate Professor
Department Chairperson, Mathematics/Computer Science (2005-2016)

Contact Information:
Howley Hall 202


Ph.D. - University of Rhode Island

Area(s) of Expertise:

Second order non-linear difference equations, functional differential equations

Selected Publications:

Hoag, Jeffrey. (2013). Existence and Uniqueness of a Local Solution to x' =f(t,x) using Inverse Functions. Electronic Journal of Differential Equations,

Hoag, Jeffrey. (2004). Monotonicity of Solutions Converging to a Saddle Point Equilibrium. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, 295

Hoag, Jeffrey., Franke, J., Ladas, G. (1999). Global Attractivity and Convergence to a Two-Cycle in a Difference Equation. Journal of Difference Equations and Applications,

Hoag, Jeffrey., Amleh, A., Ladas, G. (1998). A Difference Equation with Eventually Periodic Solutions. Computers and Mathematics with Applications,

Hoag, Jeffrey., Driver, R. (1990). A Delayed-Advanced Model for the Electrodynamics Two-Body Problem. Non-Linear Analysis, 15